gaudior truth 000115
startfires sonny remlinger 001212
daxle not_42 001212
grendel Mister Creosote and that last wafer-thin mint 001213
twiggie NOOOO! just the mention of that last wafer-thin mint makes me want to throw up all of my insides. *shudder* 001213
ClairE To create meaning out of it.

Because God knows no one's gonna tap you on the shoulder from behind with a pretty tied golden scroll.
Dafremen Stranger things have happened.(Pats golden scroll in front pocket.) 011127
Lick Enter jaguar. Turn ignition. 040214
Mr.X Now the meaning of life is something that few people find out in life time. Some think the meaning of life is to die. Others think we all have a special purpose in life. But i think the meaning of life is: "47", "Mustard", and "Zop". 040518
Lila Pause My guess is that the point of life is to make it to the end without killing yourself first...

love & hate you live to die. There is nothing in between. Just heartbreak and people that hate you. People that love you then leave you. It is fucked up and we should have a choice if we wish to be born or not into this world. Except i was stolen from my mother as a screaming baby into this fucked up world. Put me back i was screaming when i was born. Now i am screaming again, take me away, take my life for i do not wish to exist or experience life as the pain is unbearable! Take me away! 040824
sahba you need to forget katie and get a serious dose of "optimism" and "practicality" i got one some time ago
it can be very helpful
love & hate how are you able to forget someone who changed your life in so many ways. The one person you think of every night before you go to bed. The one person who stays on your mind 24/7. The one that you promised eternity to and meant it. The one who said she didnt want to loose me, ever. The one which i am hopelessly in love with. 040824
jane And spotteth twice, they, the camels before the third hour. And so the Midianites went forth to Ram Gilead in Kadesh Bilgemath, by Shor Ethra Regalion, to the house of Gash-Bil-Bethuel-Bazda: he who brought the butter dish to Balshazar and the tent peg to the house of Rashomon. And there slew they the goats, yea, and placed they the bits in little pots." Here endeth the lesson. 060328
z meaning is a human construct. 060328
(opinions vary) (according to z, anyway) 060328
z indeed. it is only my opinion, not a claim of absolute truth. 060329
hsg1437 HappinesSpreadinGreatness 080213
the stranger the meaning of life is
to live every moment as if were our
last. to taste every moment and breathe
every breath.
be ignorant and easy-minded and never
ever think!
for thinking will destroy your experience.
thinking will cause you
to reflect
and careful you will reflect about
and its moments.
and this reflection will bring nothing,
nothing but your image - as in a mirror.
and in your image you will find
your expectations of life, your
ideals and demands and justice!
and beware, you will also find
in your image you will find
the indifference of the universe.

my friend, reason and consciousness
are your foes.
they deceive you from from the true
meaning of life, from the beauty
of simplicity.
my friend, reason and consciousness
cause you think and reflect
on the absurdity of life.
hsg believe_in_love_with_you

(you is life)
what's it to you?
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