elimeny interesing feller.

dont know you too well yet. looking forward to it maybe.

well see.
elimeny Baker Baker baking a cake
make me a day
make me whole again
and I wonder what's in a day
what's in your cake this time
I guess you heard he's gone to L.A.
he says that behind my eyes I'm hiding
and he tells me I pushed him away
that my heart's been hard to find
there must be something here
there must be something here
Baker Baker can you explain
if truly his heart was made of icing
and I wonder how mine would taste
maybe we could change his mind
I know you're late for your next parade
you came to make sure that I'm not running
well I ran from him in all kinds of ways
guess it was her turn this time
thought I'd make friends with time
thought we'd be flying
maybe not this time
Baker Baker baking a cake
make me a day
make me whole again
and I wonder if he's ok
if you see him say hi
elimeny you're a dangerous person you know.

quite possibly.
Kristopher Nuh-uh, I'm sweet and bubbly and good clean fun!!

Nope, not an evil bone in my body. *L*
elimeny so i felt like shit today.

very, very shitty.

and i needed so badly to talk to someone about it, to just get someone to hug me.

and you saved me.

and its stupid, and its silly, because its not like you even really had to do anything. you just had to be there. and be willing to put your arm around me. and not shrink away when i layed my head against you. and kiss me on the top of my head when i was sad. and it was all nothing, and it will never be anything i guess, but it meant so much to me for some stupid reason.

and you are such an incredible friend. and in the back of my head i keep thinking maybe one day it could be something more? but not anytime soon. im just relishing in my new friend at the moment.

Thank you, Kris. For everything.
Kristopher *sniff* *sniff*

That made water come out my eyes. *S*

I'm happy to make you happy, Elimeny.
? where are you from? 030102
elimeny who? 030102
? Kristopher 030103
Kristopher I'm from Dayton, Ohio 030104
megan i'm from ohio too, kristopher. 030104
Lilac I have to admit that when I first saw this name show up on blather I considered not coming back (like that could happen)(no offense) its just that kris with a "k" is a name from the past. Maybe you will help me disassociate the name so I can completely forget. Or do I want to? Sometimes you need to remember the not_so_good times so you can realize how special the good times really are. 030104
that girl over there i like him.
i like him alot!
that other girl i find him obnoxious 030107
the other other girl I also find him obnoxious 030108
the big hairy girl named Steve I think he's pretty 030108
Kristopher Hmm, I'm flattered, sorry, and scared all at once. . .

Interesting. . .
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