Dafremen How could we not see the foolishness of our ways?

When we hurt one another, how could we not see that we are hurting that which comes from where we come from, will return to where we will? They are of us, we are of them, we are all brothers and sisters with each other and with everything around us.

This is why it is said, "judge not, lest ye be judged." In the moment that you judge another, you judge him that is of you and you of him; you judge yourself.

Imagine that you had not yet learned to open your eyelids. Would you prefer that they be cut off so that you could see? Wouldn't it be INFINITELY better if you learned how your eyelids work so that you might both see AND sleep? Does it make sense to cutoff possible future goals in the pursuit of our current ones? Better that we learn how it is that an eyelid is opened and see. This is why it is said, "do unto others as you would have them do to you." By understanding one another and treating each other well we can achieve our goals without harm to one another and consequently, without harm to ourselves. When we choose not to understand or simply do not decide TO understand, we cut off our eyelids to reach the goal of seeing. We harm ourselves and possible future goals without need.

Can you imagine living in a world in which everyone understood each other's basic needs and motivations, talents and strengths, weaknesses and flaws, a world in which we each understood that we are different pieces of the same organism? There would be little pain in a world where we all acknowledged our kinship and accepted the differences between us with mutual respect, tolerating each other's failings.

So the promise of THAT vision of Utopia always lies before us here in paradise, as a yardstick by which to measure our progress. Until that time, we will continue to pay for our progress dearly, as we do now. We will continue to live in fear and hurt each other wantonly, oblivious to the consequences, to ourselves OR to others. We will continue to blindly pursue our desires, thoughtlessly tossing the feelings aside of those who happen to be in the way.

Much in the way we treat our bodies as tools to be used, taking them for granted, so shall we continue to treat one another until we finally take the time. Until we finally take the time to learn how our eyelids work, that we might coax them open and do no harm.

Until that time when we each decide to do OUR part to improve paradise, one interaction at a time.
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kookaburra been spending most our lives
living in the gangsters paradise
been spending most our lives
living in the gangsters paradise

and why are we
so blind to see
that the ones we hurt
are you
and me?
what's it to you?
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