stupidpunkgirl i don't want to think about you anymore, i don't want to write about you anymore. i have to realize that you aren't coming back. things will never be the same. and i will never be in your arms again. no. i will never be with you. i won't kiss you, nor will you me. i have to move on, you already have. i hate all of this and what it does to me. so i must realize, it's over. it's over. it's over. it's over. you're gone. 001225
chanaka denial is a wonderful thing. don't think about it, and it is gone. what's that? *poof* oh.....nothing......
sink into the inviting cushions of denial.....relax....drink a margurita.
it will all
misstree so i write about it instead. 001226
Megan but I do at the same time... 001226
Thyartshallshant I dont want to think about it. "It" being the fact that its 3:36 AM and i really have to pee and that the day after tommarow i have to go back to school and that all my friends hate me right now, and the ones that dont hate me are suicidal, and that i havent done my laundry in 5 weeks and that ive worn the same clothes for 3 days now in a row, and that my back hurts, and that im failing on my classes right now and that now i have to take a crap too and and...and... AND. Oh woest me. 001231
kx21 You can't think about something else without " it ".

Thus, the only feasible solution is to think nothing.

And the only way to think nothing is to put your brain to death, which is easy to say logically but can't be done physically.

And thus, i_don't_want_to_think_about_it is an illusion, a hoax, a universal lie, ...
god "i won't think about it" is the lie.

"i don't want to think about it"
is actually thinking about it.
daanuh "I dont want to think about it.
I think were better off without it...
Whats that"

MxPx is stupid.

sorry that has no relation
sabbie my friend vic had the best cure for a cold. all you had to do was run three times around the house without thinking of the word 'wolf'. he swore it worked every time, but i could never manage it. 010308
celestias shadow picture a zebra. Now, whatever you do, DON'T picture that zebra!

You saw the zebra, didn't you?
Syrope i haven't blathered in a while

i've been avoiding my thoughts

that's why they all rush at me when i lay down, when it's dark, when i pull myself away from all the distractions

but this is too much

she was expecting a stronger reaction
he was expecting not to have to take responsibility

i wasn't even thinking
i wasn't feeling
i wasn't there

but tonight
it's just me

and even though i'm not angry at her,
it hurts

even though i've finally scarred over,
i still claw at where his wounds used to be

even though i_don't_want_to_think about_it
i know i will

and i'm afraid
to be by myself
to be in the dark
sunshamer I just want to hurt myself. 030629
. . 050601
somebody I don't want to think about it
I don't want to talk about it
When I kiss your lips
I want to sink down to the bottom
Of the sea

Lemon_Soda What did you do that you think you deserve that? 050602
what's it to you?
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