typhoid standing on the rooftop
waiting for the sunrise
in my pajamas...
it doesn't come.
i get cold.
and go back inside.
Meg Well it was midnight and it was new year
well you were dancing so I bought you a beer and you said that you took the children. well go ahead now coz they're probably not mine but before you were faking your heart wasn't breaking at all. You were seen by the washing machine in the hall. Should've known by the calls on the phone should've seen by the mess that you leave. Should've known when you never came home. should've known when you never came home that day.
Teddy gets wild in august. coz him and little boy blue went and joined a rock and roll band. He said he set fire to his office tie and he sat on his arse while Wendy did crack with Peter Pan
unhinged i wish that i could freeze my life into that one perfect second where as i kissed you, my heart flopped over. to live that exact second forever would complete me. i'm scared at the thought of being completed. i'm scared at the thought of leaving you. i have matched my identity to a single word but you changed the meaning it holds for me. all this intensity scares me. the depth of my fear to move, things don't always work out how we plan them to. for example, you. 030618
user24 "my heart flopped over"

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