The Captains of Crunch MindBomb: Ack.. grr

blackFlowers: what?

Mindbomb: My hair.

bF: what about it?

MB: it's at that crappy inbetween length where i can't do anything with it.

bF: hrmf

MB: debating if i should chop it or grow it out

bF: grow it out

MB: You think?

bF: yes and yes

MB: really?

bF: next time i see you i want to play with it

bF: tangle my fingers in it

bF: use it to pull your face closer to mine while i use my legs to pull you deeper into me

MB: oooo... hey now... don't tease me like that

bF: who's teasing?

doobie doobie doo ********* blackFlowers is online*******

bF: I just got out of the shower
bF: I'm naked right now

MindBomb: that got my attention

bF: i knew it would, hee.

MB: what's on your mind?

bF: You

MB: oh?

bF: you_on_top_of_me to be exact

MB: hmmm (raising eyebrows) i like that though, but i think it'd be safer the other way around

bF: whys that?

MB: considering how big i am vs how petite you are, it'd be safer, heh.

bF: You wouldn't ncessarily be the biggest i've had

MB: be glad i'm aware of the contxt in which we are speaking
archival footage bF: now you're just being silly

MB: yeah, i know. heh-heh-heh.

MB: besides, i've read in a few different places that woman-on-top and leaning kinda forward is supposed to give the woman more direct stimulation

bF: true enough, but i still think i'd prefer you on top.


blackFlowers: um, i've got a question?

MindBomb: sure, ask away

bF: how big are you?

MB: six foot one and a half, 257 lbs

bF: no, silly, not what i meant at all

MB: ah, hmm... to be honest it's not consistent.

bF: really?

MB: yeah depending on my weight, whether or not i've been drinking and just how excited i am, i can be anywhere from 6 and 3/4" to just under 8"

bF: interesting

MB: meanwhile, i will guess that you are a 34B and a dress size 4

bF: how did you know that?

MB: i can tell by looking.

MB: i have to admit that your asking me that question a minute ago about 'size' has me intrigued

bF: grr.

MB: what?

bF: will you be real for once?

MB: hold the phone a second here, i took that question to be blatanly sexual and you're suddenly gonna switch gears on me and get annoyed?

bF: yes, you know that it's not a realistic outlook with all of the other issues we have to deal with.

MB: here we go again... and you wonder why i get defensive around you.

bF: around me? don't try to turn this around on me.

MB: lemme get this straight:

bF: do, please.

MB: you've been saying bluntly sexual stuff to me all night, and when i go all in and play along, suddenly i'm the one doing something wrong

MB: ...
MB: i give up, good night
archivist ***** days after daying this:

bF: why should i care if all you're going to do about how you feel is to wallow in it

the same person turns around elsewhere and says:

"for the first time in what feels like a long time i miss the constant option of downing something that would make me forget how bad i feel."
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