MRSDAVEMATTHEWS i've grown tired of love
you are the trouble with me
i watch you walk right by
i smile, you do not notice me
you treat me recklessly..
my lover dave
sweet you rock and sweet you roll
lost for you, i'm so lost.. for you
you come crash, into me
and i come into you
touch your lips just so i know
in your eyes, love, it glows so
i'm bare boned and crazy for you
when you come crash, into me
and i come into you.. if i've gone overboard
then i'm begging you to forgive me
oh, in my haste, when i'm holding you
so close to me, oh and you come
crash into me & i come into you
oh i watch you there through the window
and i stare at you you wear nothing
but you wear it so well tied up and twisted
the way i'd like to be for you, for me,
come crash into me
carpe articulus Neon shines through smoky eyes tonight
Itís 2 AM, Iím drunk again
Itís heavy on my mind
Itís heavy on my mind

I could never love again
So much as I love you
Where you end where I begin
Is like a river flowing through

Take my heart, take my eyes
'Cause I'll need them no more
If never again theyíll fall upon
The one I so adore

'Scuse me please, one more drink
Could you make it strong
'cause I donít need to think
She broke my heart
My Grace is Gone
Another drink and Iíll move on

(Grace Is Gone - The Lillywhite Sessions)

Dave rocks.
silentbob i admire that they have talent. If i heard everything by him/them i know i would get into it.
But as it stands they don't really do a lot for me.
mrsdavematthews i love dave more than LIFE ITSELF

i want to have his babies
thefuddyduddy Good on a cold day.
Good on a warm day.
Good on a shitty day.
Good on a great day.

There's never not (Double negative. Tricky.) an acceptable time to pop in a compact disk, and just... chill...
LifeLoveSoul Seeing Dave Matthews Band being written about in the past has reminded me of all the concerts I have seen. How awesome they were and how much fun me and my friends have had. Even all the pot that's around at those shows it reminded me of. "Dave Matthews Band" reminds me of the incredible music, the awesome jams, the perfect blend of individuals into one of the greatest bands we will ever see.

Now, "Dave Matthews Band" reminds me of the future...and of a girl. A girl that will sit on my lap while I sit against a fence. I will gaze into her beautiful brown eyes as "Crash Into Me" begins and we will let the music take us to wonderous places.

I love the Dave Matthews Band.
no reason i think they're a band i'd really like to see in concert 041207
oE they are amazing and just keep getting better and better 041208
....... ...... ...... i've been dreaming for a while to put together a band like that...to put my poems and musings and penchant for extemporaneous composition in to the appropriate context... 041208
no reason they're coming, and i'd love to see them, but still i can't justify spending $70 to see a concert. 051008
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