amy can take on frightful dimensions... 000212
lokkust ~the official killer of cats~ 000213
Al leads to bad things if you use it the wrong way. 000703
Starchild a way to expand your horizons

a way to learn more about the world surrounding you

a way to branch out from a closed mind

a myriad of experiences.....waiting....behind many closed doors
werewolf does seem a form of hope. 040304
sameolme the only psycho space I can comfortably
inhabit for any length of time. The never ending initiative to leave no stone unturned. Hey, whats that over there, looks like a ................................
mister%20curiousity%20woman hmmm 040305
mr curiousity woman hmmm 040305
mister curiousity woman i mean hmmm 040305
mister%2520curiousity%2520woman hmm indeed 040305
snowshoes osities cities ties together lather ether there here ere reosity 040306
white_wave there is no greater curiosity than to wonder who, what, when, and where are these people called blatherskites. it is the eternal mystery... 040306
tchiseen if you dont go purposely outside of your comfort zone, test yourself, your curiosity will die your creativity will mean NOTHING 040423
sameolme I need to be reminded tchi, usually though, I get booted out of any comfort zone quite soon enough, without any puposefulness. (love that word) 040423
sameolme I meant purposefulness 040423
sameolme I love curiousity to, but I'm not
bivocabulual, I can only love one word at a time.
... ??? 040424
DjStar my temptation.
my acknowledgement
and desire
of knowing the possibilities
are endless.
curious well I must admit something, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have sex with someone of my own gender. I just wanted to get some feedback from people around here because your opinions, for the most part, are insightful, and helpful. 060714
curious well sorry curious i didnt mean to steal your name. wont use it again. 060714

birthed the vat 060714
hel now living on mars, sending back postcards 120810
unhinged i live in a place now
where unfamiliar plants grow
on my stroll
i bend over and stick my face in
a strange flower

i found a strange flower
from the south end
her raspy chuckle makes
my heart_pang
she told him i was her girlfriend
but i've been there before
not sure if i want to revisit that hole
she texts him while i babble in her ear
no use for boys right now
biologically unavailable
so i sit next to her on the couch
babble in her ear
just to sit near
the raspy chuckle
the red lips
the chest like pillows

i know there's comfort there
i wanna grab her hand
but i'm pretty sure that
if push comes to shove
i'll get passed up for a man
what's it to you?
who go