one perverted bird me in my own words in case anyone was even remotely interested:

i play the drums badly (so generally i don't play them at all) ...the saxophones and the clarinet however are quite another story (been playing either since i was nine, same year i grew my first grey hair) late teens and early twenties a rebellious streak and a period of criminal behaviour and various addictions (thankfully, i think the statutes of limitations have expired on damn near every possible count...from farmworker to factory hand to technician to minor eludes me, but oddly enough, sex does not...from wanna-be priest to practicing witch (and please don't talk to me of wicca...hand-wringing, self-deluding do-gooders)

and a tendency to alternate between utter self-loathing
and shameless self-promotion (like now)

but with all that in mind...
what the fuck do i do for an encore?
Alexander Beetle die 010608
startfires birdmadgets downwithh is bads elf. 010608
dB Birdmad, you and me both man. Except I can play drums, yet strings elude me somewhat. Wind instruments? forget about it! 010608
oldephebe birdman - the whole independant coordination thing with drums eludes a lot of people don't feel bad. Now the saxophone and clarinet it is said that those are some of the easiest instruments to learn to play but also a few of the hardest to master partly i think because 2 destinct styles or aesthetics are required to master say classical sax/clarinet - and then another completely different aesthetic for jazz. The technical facility is required for both - you know to play blistering passages blithley - but the variegated shadings and nuance of tone that jazz requireds and the extemporaneuos composition of sometimes complex arhitectures of harmony you know - improvisation requires more than just classical musicianship it requires at least to me and my experience an acute intuitive facility - i still love the drums though i'm only mediocre at best - play on - i would say bird but that revered sobriquet is reserved for the sainted sorcerer of sizzling, scintillating Be-Bop extemporaneity - you know Charlie Parker - play on man - and oops another indicia of the arcane and esoteric -
relentless inner critic: you said it
oldephebe: play on man birdmad
birdmad *tips hat*


my next tricks are trying to teach myself more of the finer points of various progamming techniques, applications and languages (though you will never see a birdmad test page) , SQL, speaking japanese, and as soon as i can find one i can afford, trying to teach myself to play guitar in a halfway competent manner
Dafremen me too do0d. So many fargin songs and my air guitar is always so finicky. 030713
misstree darling avian, what schools/types of muckedy muck do you practice as a witch?

(muckedy muck is meant with only love and irreverence, not dismissal or disrespect. hail eris, hail muckedy muck and hodge_podge and fnord and whatever else makes you wise and brave and happy and free. ;)
a bird as black as coal i was mostly kinda free-styling it, pulling from whatever discipline most applied to the effect i was aiming for, but lately i haven't even been able to cultivate enough belief to do any serious working.

i've hit the same set of points that curtailed my church-going days.

after a particular bit of evil i cooked up a few years ago, i wonder if all the shit that's followed after hasn't been the proverbial threefold backfire.

in all i guess it's like the song says
" that's_what_i_get "
what's it to you?
who go