hsg yamop

that part of viewhich attends anomaly is your spirit at war with complacency.
not found Sleep, Behavior, Growth, Geography,
Nature's Numbers, Phi and Fibonacci, ...

(finger vein patterns)
The verification of self.
Ouroboros the trick is to slow down enough to see between them 090213
In_Bloom A spirit at war with complacency keeps on weaving. 090213
jane chaos_theory 090213
() (patterns are a human construct) 090506
minnesota_chris your mom is a human construct 090506
ergo Well, I certainly hope so. 090506
Soma love
you are made of patterns
like the ocean waves
the tide comes in
and goes out
so predicatable
your waves of anger
becoming now
an intricate pattern
a well known dance
and i find myself
caught in the middle
of all of this
ocean riptide
I accept the current
and am carried out to my fate
too tired to resist
() (she is, but not in the sense that i meant above) 090506
hsg "A spirit at war with complacency keeps on weaving."

winning, i've seen it
destroy its own weave,
destroy it's complacency.
that is the anomaly.
it doesn't know it's at war.
it appears as such to the outsider.
but it's heart at play.
it keeps
finding itself, and
losing itself and
finding itself again.
all the patterns found
themselves afraid to let go.
that's what makes them pattern.
that's what makes them dead.

the anomaly is a hunter,
finding itself "killing itself".
that's what makes it a where?

it's a win_win because all of you (patterns) starts off dead and afraid to let go. the anomaly is laughter, alleviates fear, and shits evolution for breakfast.

complacency is not at war. it is a false_peace.

there's WON find all weave that
does not have pattern.

it is unpatternable. only the company of all caN OWn it. thus you wouldn't need to pattern it in the first place.
it doesn't need to profit.
a trick_key
this_cause gets_deep

attention itself is a paradox but a just_if_i_died_one
you have to constantly arrive at this moment yet forget what it means.
meaning is a dream. the moment anything means anything you're not paying attention to what_is. paying attention to what_is is itself at war with come_play_sense_see
hsg see since plagued um... if you're at war with
complacency then you're attending anomaly, STILL not weaving.

Jurisprudence Weaving
In the light
Feeling full
Come the night
Crashing down
Afraid of being left alone in silence
At the approach of morning
Arms reach out
Giggles deflect then soothe
There is no final death of spirit
A testing
An exploration of the frontier
Farther and farther we reach out
I find I love you still in all our intricacies, anomalies and patterns
buffalo bill it_rubs_the_lotion_on_its_skin 091118
hsg ooo... that_ripples ! yeah_right_there 091118
jane and out of patterns you emerge. 091119
hsg What if i forget? 091121
In_Bloom If you forget then you will be as the rest of us
A bit of flotsam, sticking to a moving with and then releasing and carried to another part of the interweave
Maybe you'll sleep in cinders until blown warm and buoyant again
Who wouldn't be honored to carry you awhile?
sab she
just wanted
to let



that things were

what's it to you?
who go