Rowbes The blue blue blather screen comforts me in so many ways. I love the color, I love the words, I love the lives and feelings that spill into its endless blue pages.

Sometimes I want to dive into it and swim around, or maybe hop from word to word, rushing through every emotion and soul that graces my screen. My window. My mirror...

I want to wrap myself in it and hear all your voices in my ear. There is more honesty and sincerity here than in most places in the real world. Sometimes I want to drown in it.

is blue

sparkly blue stars
the twinkle of who_knows

rush waves over me the tide i am inside
the blue
ocean of weightless roving stranded by the shore i can't see for all my effort
a way to escape the door
eyes as ears to hold the sound of words
sparkly blue stars
song of a seashell
camille I wrapped myself in blue,
i looked up and all i could but see.. was the sky.
I looked at my feet and could not find my way back to the past 2 hours.

Chalk poweder white seemed to try to erase the day.

Screams were sporadic as i squinted and spat my mouth filled with people ash

A moment in time i stood in a meadow surrounded by trees and the snow was so thick when i inhaled it filled my nostrils and my mouth. The sound was incredible like the "hu" of sea shell

Now i stand in time amidst buildings and ash of soldiers that didn't know what hit them. E-mails strewn talking about the days buisness that didn't matter. Invoices with questions of balances, credit and debits all flying in the "hu" of the breeze. It didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now

All of a sudden it's quiet and i can hear the air above me as if something is cutting it quickly, yet quietly and there beside me a fallen star the terror of night woke the day

like a rag doll you looked at me while my inner being screamed "But i can't do anything to erase what just happened" September 11th wasn't about you, wasn't about me, wasn't about the burning belief of a man who sacrificed his life, however let me find him, as anger quickly grips my throat and wrenches my stomache quickly in this ash to ask him "why?"

Hate took away so much from so many~
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