birdmad chocolate brown,
velvet, perhaps?

The one that stopped just above your knees
the one you wore with the black tights on cool evenings

phone call one night, just before going out

[[phone rings]]
( a brief exchange of greeting and the usual pleasantries )

YOU: "yeah, this is gonna take me a little longer than i thought, i just realized i don't have anything good to wear."

ME: "oh, come on, you look nice no matter what you wear...seriously"

YOU: (laughing) "stop..."

ME: "i'm serious...but hey, what about that brown know, the one you wore when we went to Red Devil."

YOU: (making nervous sounds) "Ooh, i kinda ruined that one...if i wore it out now i could get busted for indecent exposure, it got... ripped...down the front"

ME: (too dumb to suspect anything) "Uh, okay"

and i've been wondering ever since if it didn't get ripped on one of those nights when you left me hanging ,when we made plans only to find you gone and i get handed some story about you being out with Raven and Terri

considering the way it got ripped, is that the night that led to the little situation (yeah, you know the one) that made you disappear

i guess that means the sight of you in that dress had the same effect on him too
ungreat I fear that i'll be the fat girl in that dress. that every one will look at the pictures and move their fingers over my face to make it a prettier picture. I keep looking at weddings and wedding parties and i always feel bad because theres the one fat girl who looks happy but the picture would be prettier without her mammoth upper arms crowding the shot. And i'm going to be the bride the pictures are going to be about me and every one of them i'm going to think it would be so much prettier if i weren't in it. cut out my face and arms and oh yes isn't that a pretty dress, to bad i'm in it. I have to look amazing other wise i'm gunna lose it. which maybe i already have. I just wish sometimes i wasnt going to be the girl in that dress in all the pictures.... 090605
Lover_Of_Light I asked you what you would like me to bring to wear on our weekend away
"something that will look good on the hotel room floor", you said

What if I'd had shared what terror that put me into
Maybe you would have let me put the dress on, you thought it very pretty at sight

What would have been altered if you'd seen that dress fall first
Instead of me
In_Bloom I wore it for him 090722
Isaou I would like to wear this for you

I think you might like it
what's it to you?
who go