brynn her shoulderblades were so apparrent,
i felt i was risking
splitting open
when i touched her
sab wings on humans are made of bone.

bone and cotton
and dried blue blood

you cant fool me.
ive been there before

prettified for the public
broadcasting a net of lies
lie_to_me they all say
its easier that way

she stretched her back out
and her shoulderblades made the phases of the moon dance
a little jig of cracking bones and stretching skin
my moon has a sattelite
a galaxy of scars across my back

put on a stripy shirt and you can read my journey
through the dragon_scale_scars

shoulderblades and clavicals
and dead dead girls

i have a voice
you dont need my voice girl, you have your own
i dont need the girls, i have their voices
repeating and echoing in my head

i wish to see the stars once more
she whispered to me, bloody fingers twitching on my skin
i could have jsut rolled over
and continued to sleep

but i was awake once more
awake and roaring

there is an electronic roaring in my head
a fucked up carnival
historic and now
past and future

sirens screaming
banshees wailing
office workers pailing
as their jobs are taken away

naughty children, up the back
given a wad of cash and sent home.

sir? sir!
please sir, can i not have any more?

please sir
i jsut want to go

() (i can always tell when a work is by sab. you have a very recognizable voice. i like this one) 050520
sab thank you.
especailly think you cos i wonder if my voice isnt fading
shrivling up like a dropped and forgotten flower
in the dark depths
of an unvisited attic somewhere

or maybe ive jsut said so many words over the years
that somehow she doesnt feel the need
to say anything more

i sit
and i listen
but theres jsut kinda no words there most days

and i wonder what will come to
fill its place

i miss it thou
laurah we were both crying. i dont think he even noticed that his arms wrapped over mine and my hands were cupped under his

he was staring over my shoulder anyway

it was ridiculous, but i think they made me love him for the rest of that blue_carolina untouchable_face summer

but i was so young, i still am, it couldn't have been possible. not even fourteen.

no, it's silly, i was just being
beveled 050911
jane we were once playing scattergories & my mom used "wingbones" as a part of the body. michael & i laughed our asses off as she tried to explain that it was the same thing as shoulder blades. we didn't let her live that one down for a while. 050912
anne-girl bouldershades 050912
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