me 1. Do it after everyone's in bed.
2. Have something near by to catch the blood.
3. Cut off circulation right above the soon to be cut.
4. Wait a few minutes.
5. Slice.

You wont believe how much blood comes from one tiny scratch when you do it like this.

Simply marvelous.
x i liked it better when i skimmed and saw "do it in everyone's bed"
i mean, why should only my bedding be blood stained when they're the ones inducing my agony?
witchesrequiem jugular! 040401
Lemon_Soda Do it for release, fascination, or ritual.

The sharper the impliment the better.

Don't go showing off. Its not worth the trouble people will give you over it.

Those crimson and brown lines are yours, not theirs.
Syrope today, i realized there could actually be an appeal for me in cutting 040402
soulesswanderer If you start, its killer hard to stop. 040402
.fallen keep your eyes open .... belly breaths .... pay attention .. read the flesh ... savor ... 040402
love & hate While no one is there,
watch the blood drip,
feel the blade slicing your flesh,
feel the emotional pain dissapear for a split second,
once it returns,
cut again, and again, and again.
The pain dissapears, just a dull numbness of my satisfactory effort.
Next time, will be the last.
For next time, i wont just cut to bleed, to destroy pain temporarily,
but permantently.
hsgatincamail find a usefulness for the masochism. direct the pain into discipline to do the things you ought to do. scratch the real surface. get up and make your bed. fold your clothing. eat 3-5 servings of vegetables per day. cut out the illusions.

(did you know, da vinci invented scissors?)
spiffy don't use a tac... it's worthless. 040701
jade I just want him to love me. 040701
acidshank o cutting. its so good. i have about 3 exacto knives. they are fun. to play with.
underline :retreiver me:
survived the best secret is to not do it 041125
falling_alone what is it they say?
"remember kids, its down the road not across the street. make it count"
Strideo one of the best cutting instruments I ever found was a super thin strip of metal from inside one of those theft deterrent devices, the kind you might find on a CD or a DVD. I peeled apart the little plastic rectangle that they had stuck on the package and in it was the peice of metal, razor sharp on the edges.

I don't cut anymore, haven't done it in years.
flowerock the little metal thing from the anti theft things! ha! in my frustrated, anxiety filled teen years I made the same discovery, satisfying and quick healing, and they made a neat sound if you flick them. and you can draw with them with blood as ink. I had fun with it, I wasn't trying to do anything but explore my skin and soul. 140519
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