Arn shes a scab that I keep scratching 021012
girl_jane If you pick too much, it'll scar... 021012
minnesota_chris I hear that a nearby school district will be hiring replacement teachers for when their teachers go on strike. The term for this is scabs. They say they will pay $275 per day!

I don't believe it tho.
p2 the scab sits patiently
knowing it will be picked
what else are scabs for
but to be picked

pick, pick, pick
until finally
the wound reveals itself
once more

it is as red
and as raw
as it was
when it first marked your body

you poke and prod
and squeeze
to get that
pleasureful pain

drip, drip, drip
and you focus on the pain
you relish it
it becomes all you know

you lose yourself
in a sea of ecstasy
and agony
until you can take no more

in tears
you finally leave it be
so another scab can form
ready to be picked again
just listening picking scabs gives you dirty fingernails 040804
falling_alone you've really got to tie my hands.
bandage my legs.
fuck me up so i dont move.
to continue to tear and wear these scars and scabs.
remove the nails.
cut off fingers.
wipe off the blood.
unhinged protective covering that leaves behind a new translucence 120807
jane i changed his name in my phone to "scab" - this way, i don't have that sinking feeling when i see it on the screen.

i could change it back. he never contacts me.
hfse jane, you are awesome. 120921
hfse I took his name completely out of my phone's directory one day two months ago, thinking it was over. He then contacted me and I left it in there but only as a number this time.
He told me he is a sociopath. Wtf? He seems unavailable and I doubt we will become friends. This bothers me. My thyroid feels like it will burst.
hfse And now it's gone again. No one cares. Friendship is impossible. I am impossible at it. Fuck my stupid feelings. Somehing aches again. Rejection is found. 140831
hfse Hold your head up you silly girl, see what you've done! When you find yourself in the hick of it help yourself to a bit of wha is all around you, silly girl!

This refrain from "Martha My Dear" tends to cheer me up when my heart feels broken. I am not sure exactly why. Must be that combination of upbeat tempo and benign melody and their soft voices. Maybe benign isn't the best adjective to be used when describing his melody but it's what I am able to come up with now.
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