soia I like to be woken up sometimes just as I am falling asleep, because I then realize how my thoughts were escaping reality. I find myself thinking things that "don't make sense" and yet while I was thinking them, they made perfect sense. It reminds me that logic does not necessarily lead to truth. 010222
anonymouse I like to dream of soia messing with all the little plants genes creating super plant races its pretty frightening... 010531
kinkazoid i rememeber my dreams often, ill post them all here everytime i remember one...yippi im excited!!
1- when i was about 5 years old, i had a dream i was in a small dark room with a man and my mother. I was tied to a chair, and the man had a gun to my head. my mom had a painting board thingy... whatever its called... in front of her and he told her to paint a picture of something, i cant remember what it is now, or he would kill me if it wasnt good enough or fast enough. she had like 30 min to paint it. she was almost done and almost out of time when she started slowing down. she was hardly painting at all now...i yelled to her to hurry up or im gonna die but she just smiled at me and didnt paint. i woke up cuz i was yelling "mom paint faster" and my sister got mad.
that dream made me realize how selfish my mom is and how much she hates me
(see the_story_of_my_mom for further details
arinna i had a dream that laughter and friendship and holding hands was all okay, that nothing was wrong, but then i woke up and found out that i was a tramp. 010715
violet I'm not a dream and yes I wear red shirts and black shorts and red shoes every day every day
and yes whoa hey my hair's a new color
repetitive things are always surprising
and I can't I can't stand it
my clothes just want to come off
and if dreams don't mean anything then why do they repeat?
silentbobfuckyou your kissed her once brief but good and i just walked away so i didnt have to see either of your faces ever again. 010717
angie last nite i had a dream that i was singing "my name is jonas" by weezer...
that was pretty cool...
fallen I dreamt that I woke up to your blinking eyes.......

such a cruel dream
birdmad i don't want to sleep anymore

not if i have to dream
silentbob i had a dream but i forot what it was 020131
sickofdreams lucky you 020131
otis reddin i've got dreams to remember 020206
Webley im dreaming you, you're dreaming me 020410
pralines&cream I dreamt that I was pregnant, and as my tummy swelled up, i told myself "You haven't had intercourse; you won't keep the baby. You haven't had sex." And sure enough, I had a miscarriage, and my stomach flattened out again. 020411
lulie I have the same one,
night dream,
day dream,
dry dream,
wet dream,
always the same dream.
I leave. I go. I'm not here. I get in my car and drive. Gone. Because I don't want to stay at all.
Lime Rider I was stuck in one place. I was running but moved so slow. Then it came to me: I have to jump while running. And sure enough, moments later I was going mighty fast, soaring 50 metres into the sky. I knew I could make it real. But never again.

Then new theory: every dream is actually under water, though it is invisible. How else did I get so high...
belly fire I dreamed your desk was made of yellow suede
and you had the same couch as me
you spent too long in the bathroom
arranging each hair just right
while I slept next to your kitten
you had all these things to give me
and I had my simple gift
it was meant to show you
the past was worth forgetting
but you didn't get it
when I touched your knee it was the same as before
and I suddenly realized I had been dreaming of someone else entirely
but with your name on my lips
I feel a little silly
but - more than anything - guilty
but your mom isn't a mayor
and your house isn't so big
and your desk...how could it be made of yellow suede?
kerry belly fire, i really liked that. 021217
SuicidalAngel I don't dream anymore 021217
belly fire thanks Kerry :)
it's only fun when you remember the truly f*cked up dreams
kerry i hear ya 021218
splat I could count myself a king of infinite space if not for these motherfucking dreams 030311
Mandy One time, I dreampt that I got stabbed in my neck, then neatly ripped open from between my collar bones to my pelvis. It was scary.

One time I dreampt that Jerry stabbed me right above my left hip while I was sleeping in my Grandma's bed. The knife didn't go all the way through, so I took it and said, "Well, if you're not going to finish the job, I will," and pushed the knife all the way through. Then, I went to church and Wolverine was there. Instead of being able to heal himself, he healed me. It was awesome.

One time, I dreampt that Andrew was sleeping on my grandma's bed facing the window kinda curled up on top the covers. I came home, and saw him and thought something like, "Oh, Andrew's here." Then, I got in bed beside him and threw my arm across him like it was what I always did. Then he turned over and smiled at me. I smiled back. That's my favorite dream. Andrew's my best friend.
Mandy I spelled "dreamt" wrong...oops 030629
Sj Dream me away from here....

I love the way everything in dreams make perfect sense. No matter what. I can have green hair and blue eyes and be 3'7" and I won't care.
u24 weird. as usual. (normal then?)

I was collecting rings, in a kind of metal-glass-concrete terrain, like a car park, but.. more urban (!) Gollum was there (hiding behind a secret door) He had one ring, I had some others, I met some other people, we compared rings, we knew where all but one came from, there was one which was different. They were all silver, with different patterns on them. I can't remember much more.
(I haven't watched LOTR for ages, either)

We were on a railway, where lots of people were, bustling around, or waiting. There were large offices and (dockyards?) above us, very industrial, dirty.
A gang of chinese (or korean?) looking people suddenly jumped on this guy, stamped on him and broke his leg (we heard the crunch) He cowered while they beat the living shit out of him, he looked beggingly at us. The youths were armed with knives (there were about 10 of them) They finally left him crumpled across the railway tracks. They hung around, waiting for the train. I couldn't watch. I ran up the track, away from the gang. I hoped to get far enough up the track to stop the next train in time. Someone must have seen me waving, or noticed the commotion, because security gates came crashing down and blocked off that section of track. The signals changed and the kid's life was saved.
krupt dreams induced by xanax, alcohol, marijuana, and vicodan. they put me in a coma and allow me to sleep. i sit here trying to type as the keyboard moves back and forth in front of me. i have seen too many things in my sleep, i wish i could just give it up but i need it to function. i hate the graphic visions i see in my mind, in my sleep, i need something else... its her i need, her witht hose eyes, i need to stare deep within them and kiss her lips for hours. i need her... whoever she is. 080309
Fido This is my sweet spreckled fantasy and my sweet hits
Of ecstacy and the hits are small too small to see
So you'll have to wait
For the words to pass on by
O world wonders meinenyourin careening blunders
Caving craving craters permeating its teeth
I don't care to swear to any God I know
I'll carry the curses to and fro with pride
Until the day they said I died screamin
the verses from all the Poems I lied!
No bullets; your bullets please sir I've sweat bullets
Of higher caliber than this filth you're slinging
I take no store in the bore you place before these feet
these eyes can shoot lies like lasers and I know
The bits you boat of are but tazers in the sun!
But the rubbish permeates me neighbors so strong
Only ways er blocked by thicky foggy chokey hazes.
You're crazy if you think I'd cross that marsh to
Go anyplace you can GOOGLE.
I've yet to see the map that rounds round to me
Its been swallowed by a honey bee.
native persimmon I do but

I want to spend some daylight with you
no reason people i hardly knew said i wasn't ready for life 080311
native persimmon in my sleep thoughts
I board the wrong boat,
and passing from one wrong port to another
there is but skies of treacherous sea

but finally last night,
I enjoyed the wrong destination
somewhere in a fictitious Eastern Europe
belly fire A random dream:
my house and your house all mixed up,
he was there - your buoy, a dream version
then the house transformed back into yours,
and Trevor took me away.
exquisiteparadox I've seen...

electric pink and electric blue CDs that turn into bugs

my own wedding, time and time again

my own pregnant belly

a kiss with a faceless man

my first love being riddled with bullets and dying before my eyes

lobby couches

rafts on puddles of mud

helping a little girl find a bathroom

flying across a lake, skimming my fingers in the water

someone else's wedding, everything going wrong

the touch screen computer from work

my ballet company dancing on my feverish bed

or maybe those were other lives

or someone's else dreams
Fido Above post from Fido is fraud. -Fido 091226
unhinged you have a lip ring
covered in beautiful tattoos
you want to do yoga with me
you bring me flowers
you are not intimidated by me
you make me feel the way i should have always been made to feel:


i want to make a future
that changes my past
Risen I used to dream about you. Not often, not too much, but I would always wake up haunted.

I told you about the dreams I had, once, or one type of them anyway. Where I was running from you, but you were everywhere I turned, until I fell down steps and broke every bone in my body.

No points for pop psychology here. I was running from my guilt. From you, who I hurt more than anyone. Back when I was crazy. Back when I was evil. Old_Me.

Now we are friends. Ten years on, I have begun to repair some of the damage done. I still feel the guilt. When I remind myself of all of the security systems (literal and figurative) that you hide behind because of me. My past actions. But we are friends now.

Now when I dream about you, I am running to you. We live in a_world_of_purple_grass. There I can be yours, and you mine. I wake aching for you. For all that can never be.

I never told you, though, about the other sort of dream I used to have about you. I don't think I remembered until now. Once every few thousand dreams you become lucid. You know it is a dream, that you could do anything. Whenever I had those dreams, it would become a race, between my mind and my will. I would start to wake up, but I would will myself to stay asleep as I raced towards your house. I wanted just one minute with you in my dreams. One where I wasn't running. I don't know what I would have done when I found you. I always woke up first.

The strange thing is, the dreams where I ran to you frightened and haunted me more than those in which I ran away.
nr in mine last night, i came up with the band name "she the landlord."
i really feel like my subconscious can do better.
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