werewolf i'm kissing your face. the sun is exposed. our skin is cold. our skin is melting slowly. they're coming for us. in milliseconds. most slouched, slow, some farcicly exuberant, zombies coming from opened wounds, walls fallen, dancing when they shouldn't, but you can tell their legs aren't there. lumbering steps. as wind and light pass by in cycles uncounted now and to be for decades. and tomorrow, what shape will we be, on the snow? what songs will be sung? what will this struggle mean? so i kiss the face of a melting tomorrow and you coo and say now. and all around us the world stops. and all around us, life is waiting and lurking to erase us. to set us off blind and forgetful and blank into a world with waving crinkling dimensions like paper. send us into uninhabited ghost towns. and uninhabited words like ghost. and into lies. because the truth could not hold but fell apart to something more useful. nothingness spoken in kisses. and what will we do once we've saved ourselves, when the dizziness is gone? 020709
kerry wow

i really love that
werewolf thanks...her kiss isn't pretty, it's like a nuclear bomb...and now i'm sitting behind a computer screen weak from the radiation. 020711
wear wolf awesome
i've been intrigued by the idea of a nuclear winter for the longest.
werewolf in a social animals, males fight to allure females and establish hierarchy (often one in the same, depending on how wide or narrow attractiveness is in that species). it is essential that this be established in a way that does not damage the overall health of the combatants because as social animals they depend on the resources of each other, as they are in a larger context a unit against the rest of the world. in this way there are more important fights to attend to once that primary struggle is settled. that we meet again wearwolf. must i now stare you into submission and then pee on you to cement my alpha male status? ah just joking. thought it'd be a funny little comparison with the title nuclear winter. wolves like winter. but they haven't gone nuclear yet.

on a random note, set off by some things i read last night....dogs...are they like wolves? at night do they crawl under fences trying to recapture some glimmer of the glory their species had before they were domesticated? to recapture some of the edge they posessed when the world wasn't safe enough to establish fairness?
werewolf oh i'm never the same. i'm always another half life away from what i felt was that time my truest nature. will you all ever forgive me. i'm having an enjoyable breakdown 020817
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