Baker Gravy is the best thing in the whole world. It's good to squish your feet about in and it keeps the monkeys away when it gets too old. 000327
fairydust yes,and it keeps the fleas from the native's noses. 000327
birdmad Cartoon:

old Warner Bros. short about two dogs -- a big bulldog and a smaller terrier-type dog. The bulldog puts the terrier up to the task of acquiring food for him and always beats the smaller dog for forgetting the gravy.

One day, the bulldog eats too much and is laid out on a hospital bed (funny, i think it looks more like an autopsy table now) ...the little dog shows up with an enormous can of gravy and a funnel

I love the look of terror in the bulldog's eyes as the terrier jams the funnel in his mouth and the cartoon fades to black.

i'm a sick fuck.
paste! billy ocean still humps trees 011104
CheapVodka It's all gravy, baby 011104
Inanna Wavy Gravy 011104
Dafremen A chance to feel the breeze on my face, see the waves hit the shore. A chance to sneak with my friend into his dad's playboy collection and taste with my 12 year old eyes, the forbidden fruit of the tripanel foldout. To sit in the rain, listening to the pitapat of fat warm raindrops on the sidewalk around me. The smell of her hair and the glint in her eyes, if only for a fleeting moment, for one fleeting lifetime. The look of disappointment on my son's face, followed by profound joy having been tricked by his rascally ol' pa. The warmth of the sun on my face in the morning, of her arm around my waist at night. The feel of her skin under my hand and the cold sheets on my feet. The sounds of crickets chirping at night, a cool drink of night air. Crisp, clean, exhilarating as it melts in my mouth.

These and all of the many things that I cannot show my neighbors, can't buy with my fat paycheck, can't drive to work, can't experience in the theatres in Amazing Dolby THX Sound. These are the building blocks of gratitude, the source of this inexhaustible sense of wonder that has left me dumbstruck and humbled. These are the little comforts, the irreplaceable luxuries in which necessity finds its reason for being. These are the stepping stones to look for, these are the reasons for existing.

Everything just gravy.
supersonic paranoid schizophrenic What did the turkey say when he got hit in the head with a tombstone? nyuk nyuk... kill me. 011210
ClairE it's all 011210
oren Daf, there aren't enough compliments paid in these purple pages, so let me offer one: I really like what you've written here. Thank you for sharing it! 011210
Dafremen Thanks for enjoying it out loud.
: )
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