The Truth Ok, if you really want my advice...

GO SEE Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within!!

It is very cool! (except for the standard Hollywood cheese disguised as a dramatic sub-plot.)
The visual effects and animation is mindful-awe-inspired-beauty. Very creative and aesthetically pleasing.

The main plot was unique and imaginatve, and it didn't violate any principles of logic. (again, now, the sub-plots I ignored and they are not included with this review.)
peyton A moral dilemma

I've played almost every game in the final fantasy series except the first one, and ff8 (because it was lame), and I'm currently working on finishing FF9. I'm on the 4th disc and have logged about 90 hours so far, when all of the sudden, I lost my will to play.


Well I realized that all this time I've spent going over the world, collecting items, leveling, etc. means absolutely nil. I understand that any accomplishment in a video game means exactly nil, but at least in an online rpg like EQ or those, at least someone else gets to see your meaningless nil accomplishment.

So should I spend the aprox. 10 hours to finish what I've started?

Someone once told me that a moment enjoyed is not wasted, but after its all over I feel like its kind of a cheap thrill, that wasn't that thrilling.

PLUS, FF9 isn't half as damn good as the others in the series, like FF3, which actually made me sad at times, and FF2, which was another awesome story. (I actually might name a daughter Rydia) Does anyone remember the words to the opera scene in FF3?

Oh well, enough worthless prattle I guess.
lost i become mesmerized in the final fantasy series. i played ff1 and ever since then i have been playing them. all though sadly the become easier and easier. for example the first final fintasy took me hours and hour to beat. while the latest ff9 only took me 13 hours to beat. and that includes beating hidden bosses (ozma and hades) and finding all the saddens me to realize what ff10 may be. hopefully they will make it as challenging as the earlier games. 010802
distorted tendencies I'm obssessed with FF7. Oh my.. Vincent was so beautiful. And Sephiroth with his white hair... And the world was serene. And Midgar, the classic underworld of dirty technology. How I want to be in that reality.. RPG makes me cry. 011223
Grievance stories fly from fantasy world creations, because a fantasy is always set in archetypes of power.
sadly, games are getting easier.
but accomplishments within them can mean oh so much. you are pitting with the creation of another, and yourself in one whole eternity. As much as any book or story, except it's interactive as well.
I'm playing V (2 in the u.s.) now, VI (3 in the u.s.) was the first, then 7, and 8. (i liked 8, what was so bad about it?) I want IX and X.
Fantasy worlds, those not the one we must delve in, broaden us, and teach us lessens through symbolism and abstraction that otherwise would hardly ever get expressed.
video games, esp. RPG, are rated number 3 on my favorite mediums of expression.
Strideo A great darkness shrouded the world.
The wind died.
The sea raged.
The earth began to decay.
Only a prophecy kept hope alive in peoples hearts:

"When darkness veils the world, Four Warriors of light shall come."

And after journeying far, four young warriors finally did at last appear, in the hands of each rested a mysterious crystal

pete it may be, but the dreams will never die. 070101
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