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Deathofarose white 040309
Doar Yes! I have them both now. 040309
misstree he says he's tired, so tired
of the thrashing of titans of
light and dark, and the
bitch that tries to balance.
when every act is a struggle,
when is there rest?

he says he's worn down,
scraped away with all the bull
that needs to be removed daily.
when it's there, it's too much,
and when it's not, it's empty.

i know the weight behind these words
but i don't know how to point out
the beautiful mournful dance_of_lifey_death,
or even how to help him see the vitality
in these strangled_moments.
i'll just be here, and listen, and
honesttogod care, and hope that that's enough.
Doar Her caresses were mine once upon a time,
the sly, slow wink of her eyelashes were mine to dink upon a time,
the toss of her hair were once mine to slide upon, a time,
the gesture of fingers beckoning were once directed upon min, past time.
Doar shite.........not dink......not the dink.............oh shit thats funny now.


.still can't stop smilling.
blown cherry at least it still rhymes :)

(sorry, I should say that it continues to maintain it's assonance despite the error)
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ergo Nondualism wins hands down if you go by the size of their Wikipedia pages. 100125
z there are two kinds of people in the world, those that think there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who know better. 100201
three words sexy_but_ultimately_very_feminine
it's_time_for_another_poem duality
Soma i am so exhausted mentally. I think all i do is wait for life to be better. I know thatís not true.
But right now Ė For the last few days Ė It FEELS true.
One more paycheck... one more summer... one more year... waiting waiting waiting waiting
I donít want to wait. I want to live. I want to want to live and sometimes i donít know how anyone does it. Whatís the point in being anything at all.
I can feel my mind telling me that risky behavior seems appealing, as if that is the thing that will make her feel alive. But i know itís just a scam. So weíre going to sit here, and send a lewd photo out into the internet, because thatís the thing that we have mutually agreed upon is acceptable risk and it makes her feel 1% less alone and more worthwhile. And thatís so completely asinine. I hate this duality Iím at currently. Where Iíve learned enough to recognize how hurt and needing some parts of me are, but Iím not wise enough to know how to resolve it in a healthy way. I still feel so helpless. I just want to destroy something and even if itís myself sometimes it just feels worthwhile for the attention. Fuck. I was a lonely kid. Breaking cycles is so hard. Iím still a lonely adult. I donít want to keep treating myself the way Iíve been treated my whole life. Iím just so tired of waiting. For me. For others. For anything and nothing at all.
daf There is purpose behind our eyes. Once we please our conscience, in spite of and against all opposition, the waiting is over. 210417
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