sphinxradio the world isn't any fun if you understand everything you see. 011111
Aaron a two day almost coma.... my dreams are real... i am walking.. but i cannot see... i see shapes.. and it's like something is over my eyes.. sewn shut.. maybe plastered by some unknown goo.. i walk around... i can almost open my eyes.. and every time they are forced shut... i almost hear the people around me.. i don't know what is happening to me or where i am... it's almost not walking.. more like floating... i get small glimpses of people.. when i at last get my eyes open i found a bee.. and it chased me.. i knew it was chasingme as soom as i saw it.. i was running from it.. i was in a room that had a large staircase.. i tripped or something.. and i landed on my back.. i was like a turtle i couldn't get up so i was spinning.. and kicking.. trying to keep the bee away.. then when i what would have been woke up... the room was in a sphereicalshape.. like i was looking through a glass ball.. and i couldn't open my eyes all the way.. i was straining like in my dream.. i couldn't wake up.. i slipped back under...back to a waking sleep.. this time i was in a large house or appartment building or something... there were people that i knew.. no one was talking... it's like we all knew what eachother were thinking. one of them had no shirt on.. she was hot. i let a cute girl i had seen at a rave in through a window.. she was on a fire escape.. it was dark outside.. i shut the window.. her and or four of my friends went into a pool of mud that was in the room. like built in like a tub would be.. only more like the landscaped ponds.. how ever many people went into there.. one of them didn't come back.... i then found out i had my backpack on.. i sat down and took out my terrot cards.. they all left...... i still don't know why.. somehow the sides changed.. it was totaly wierd.. i started to walk.. everyone was black.... i was black.. i kept walking. i found some stairs.. i got really small.. and i saw the face of bill cosby and all he said was "mmmm hmmm" only it was my aunts voice.. or at least thats who i thought it was.. i woke up just after catching a glimpse of the rest of the stairs.. i couldn't open my eyes.. i couldn't move... when i got my eyes open after what seemed like a fight... and i couldn't move.. all my muscels wouldn't listen to me.. .. i rolled onto my left side.. .. i was awake..... 011111
piercedjenny waking up the morning after the bar when your phone rings and its someone you talked to all night the night before and you don't remember it at all. or their name. 011112
sandy the moment, as if on a train, when you're not sure if it's the world that is moving, or if it's you. 011112
distorted tendencies I was walking down the hall and something hit my m i n d. Neurons malfunctioned and I almost fell over. No not drugs, for sure. I just get blackouts sometimes.. And then I forget for that quick second where I am or what I am doing at that time. Easy way to get lost.. 011113
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