I know you, and you know that I know what you are thinking, but you try to pretend that I am wrong.
thera life is complicated. It seems like you're taught it's going to be easy to get through it in a few defined steps... it doesn't quite work that way, though, does it?
why do I put so much pressure on myself?
why anything?
Tess more complicated than i could ever imagine. who's writing this soap opera? 000105
Midnight Bliss life is an intricate maze, always trying to find your way out of the dark, and just when you see the light, another shrub grows in your're in another corner, another lonely corner. 000320
Sintina the opposite of easy. Nothing is really that hard, unless my stubborness makes it that way. 010106
florescent light 'you seem too complicated'

fuck you Walter
Kat life would be easy, but emotions get in the way, and make it complicated 011110
young pretender shades of grey
make life complicated. if we all saw
in black
and white
and right
and wrong
and nothing in between
we'd just have 2 options for everything.
but not better?
Smurf Girls like to make things complicated 040424
nonlucid when we complicate words, make it amusing, adding complexity, say, the more convoluted and twisted, taking endless seconds to finally say "oh, so /that's what you were attempting to convey..." turn it to writing, perhaps for fear of being understood and someone seeing that beneath the words lies nothing, leaving it to be glanced at and ignored, it's always safer

as they say, why use a long word when a diminutive one will do?
phil-osopher love...that can complicate always does... 041201
unhinged so complicated that i can't say anything to describe it. even after all the preparation i've done to accustom myself to life without you, it still hurts to know that you're gone. you changed my life and it hurts to know that i can't do anything to help yours. not so true that you can't help someone that doesn't want help; you just won't know when you have. after all these years, everything between us is just too complicated for words. 041201
no reason (be be be do be) i wonder if everything is or has to be as complicated as i tend to make it.
maybe things shouldn't be analyzed or resisted or timed or confused, they should just be as they want to be.
in the case of certain especially important instances: if they want to be as much as they do, how bad can the consequences be?
no reason or at least, how much would they matter? 060822
FA113N An understatement.

Still, these complications are simple, clear cut, obvious.

These obstacles are insurmountable and I cannot go round them.

But I prefer this to simplicity, to nothingness. To losing her.

She is infinitely worth it.
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