Aimee I got a phone call today. It was my mom. I just figured she was calling to shoot the proverbial shit.. especially since we've been getting along a lot better lately. No... not the case. She called to tell me grandma has 3-6 months to live. 3-6 months. She's not going to see her Aimee-lou get married. The one thing I thought she'd be able to at least see on videotape. But no. Apparently Grandpa (different side of the family) isn't doing well either... his kidneys are shutting down, he doesn't really eat anymore, and he sleeps all day. I can't finish writing this right now... I just can't do it.. 020729
Aimee okay... I'm doing better now... yeah, I'm still sad, but the only thing I can really do is go home and see them and tell them how much I love them... I guess I'm feeling selfish right now. I don't want to let them go... I'm not ready, but I'm surprised Grandma's lasted this long, and I shouldn't be so irrational... at least now I have a heads up. I just can't believe that one day in the next year I'm going to get a call telling me that one or both of them have died. *sighs* What a scary thought 020730
girl_jane But the three to six months gives you time to prepare for what you know is coming. Both of my mother's parents were extremly close to me. In early '96 my grandma was diagnosed with cancer, and she died February 1997. We knew it was coming, and the most of the family, including myself, literally watched her take her last breath. With my grandpa it was a bit different.

In November of '97 he had a massive heart attack. He died on a Sunday, and the last day I'd seen him was the Friday before. Nobody had a chance to say good-bye to him, and he died of a broken heart.

Even though they were equally close to me and loved, my grandpa's death was harder. Not just because of how close it was to my grandma's, but mostly because we didn't have any warning at all.

That December would have been their 50th anniversary. They were together for it after all.
User24 My Gran died for no good reason at all. 030705
jane i never met my grandfather...he died before i was born

my grandmother remarried three times

the third, the one i considered my grandfather, died while i was away for a month, and i wasn't told until i got back
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