tryyoga The constitution of the united states is a piece of literature that defines America. Only 27 times has it been changed, 10 of these changes(the bill of rights) were made simultaniously shortly after the constitution was signed. Here is a list of all the ammendments to the US constitution:

1 [Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition (1791)]
2 [Right to Bear Arms (1791)]
3[Quartering of Troops (1791)]
4[Search and Seizure (1791)]
5[Grand Jury, Double Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination, Due Process (1791)]
6[Criminal Prosecutions - Jury Trial, Right to Confront and to Counsel (1791)]
7[Common Law Suits - Jury Trial (1791)]
8[Excess Bail or Fines, Cruel and Unusual Punishment (1791)]
9[Non-Enumerated Rights (1791)]
10 [Rights Reserved to States (1791)]

11[Suits Against a State (1795)]
12[Election of President and Vice-President (1804)]
13[Abolition of Slavery (1865)]
14[Privileges and Immunities, Due Process, Equal Protection, Apportionment of Representatives, Civil War Disqualification and Debt (1868)]
15[Rights Not to Be Denied on Account of Race (1870)]
16[Income Tax (1913)]
17[Election of Senators (1913)
18[Prohibition (1919)]
19[Women's Right to Vote (1920)
20 [Presidential Term and Succession (1933)]
21[Repeal of Prohibition (1933)]
22 [Two Term Limit on President (1951)]
23[Presidential Vote in D.C. (1961)]
24 [Poll Tax (1964)]
25[Presidential Succession (1967)]
26[Right to Vote at Age 18 (1971)]
27 [Compensation of Members of Congress (1992)]

Unless theres some constitutional right that I don't know about saying that everyone has the right to own slaves then I'm pretty sure that never except for 1 time has an ammendment taken away a constitutional right...The one time that a constitutional right has been taken away was the 18th ammendment(prohibitionof alchohol), which 14 years later was repealed with the 21st ammendment.

To propose that the constitution should be ammended so that gay marriage is illegal is proposterous. The only reason that Bush would want this to happen would be religious reasons. But if you put aside religion(which is what should be done in a governing body where church and state are seperated), the only thing that is special about the gay people being married is the word. See, theres a thing called Civil Union, "parties to a civil union have all the same benefits, protections, and responsibilities as spouses in a marriage" anyone can be a member of a civil union. George Bush is attacking homosexuals' rights to marry, but hasnt said a word about civil unions, so it just shows that the only reason our cute little monkeylike president is pushing for this ammendment is because his personal religious or maybe moral beleifs beliefs tell him it's wrong. To ammend the constitution, an age old text that runs our country just so that people can't use a certain word while describing their relationship status just completely trivializes the values of the united states and its constitution. Also, I highly doubt gay people can control being gay, I mean i'm sure if they could choose how their emotions worked, they would want to be just like everyone else with their sexual preference but i do not think that's how it is. So why should anyone have the right to tell these people, that have done nothing wrong except maybe accept who they are, that they can't express their love how they want...and it's not like these people's personal choices are gonna hurt anyone, except maybe Bush when he chokes on a pretzel after seeing the gigantic line of people waiting to get married in San Fransisco.
bandersnatch OPINION: bush is not backing it for moral or religious reasons, he is backing it for political reasons.

FACT(s): the largest voting block is people over 65, bush needs that voting block, people over 65 tend to be highly traditional, being against gay marrage is traditional.

FACT: someone who worked in the whitehouse during bushes term (sorry i cant think of the name or position) said that this is the most politiciced presidency in a long time.
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