Quintessensual The long night of the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere will be brighter than usual this year thanks to the unusual coincidence of the Moon being as close as possible to the Earth while the Earth is as close as possible to the Sun. Enjoy! 991218
me? and here i am stuck all alone inside... everyones either out of town or unreachable.
i'd be out dancing in the cold in the hills, yelling at the moon, dancing in the grass, having a good time.
but i wouldn't want to do it alone.
marjorie i'll light a candle for you on the winter solstice. 991221
old hick Maybe it was a bad idea to hold the all day rock festival on the summer solstice. For some reason, all the drunks and potheads were very dehydrated. Oh well, at least they made alot of money on bottled water. 000124
Solstice My name. Actually, one of many. My friend gave it to me, she said she didn't know the meaning, but said it "felt right". I looked it up in a book of magical names. It means a person of extremes. She was right. I think it fits. 011104
Mahayana winter solstice- the longest darkest night of the whole year

[winter solstice]
[['i am']]
ever dumbening stonehenge
james sitting on indian_rock in berkeley
ever dumbening azimuths and altitudes
declinations and inclinations
magnets and truths
ever dumbening such a simple act
we struggle to acknowledge
the hope it represents
Mahayana someday well share a same lastname 021229
silent storm someday cant come soon enough 021229
minnesota_chris From the Economist:

NEXT week 24 million Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, Finns and Icelanders will celebrate the summer solstice, a time of midnight sun. On the longest night of the year Swedes traditionally dance around a maypole, Danes light great fires on beaches, Norwegians take their sailing boats to the fjords, and people everywhere move to their cottages in the woods, on the coast or in the mountains. One Finn calls ita time of leaving cities, drinking, making love, drowning and bonfires”. It is a night of exuberant pagan Nordic self-assertion.

Dang, why did my ancestors leave Scandinavia and come to America?
minnesota_chris Rather than at this happy bacchanalia, I will be at my cousin's wedding shower. She eloped (Vegas), but she wants to have a wedding party. I'm trying to think that it's not just for the presents, but... let's face facts. She's registered at two stores.

On the bright side, I'll be doing landscaping at a friends house during the day. The business is booming.
ever dumbening clammy cold and calm waters frame the fog
[a corporate pyramid blurs into obelisk]
while the short south sun in spun from sight
e dumb errata "is" not "in" 041221
minnesota_chris a schoolmate told me last night that she was going straight from class to a solstice party. I was imagining, what would a party look like, based on the shortest day of the year? I imagined a bunch of people sitting around, crying and drinking and saying "BWAAA it's so dark!" 041221
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