fyn gula Solitary was what he was called, alone is what he was and if anyone could truly hate anything, he was the one and the absence of self was the object of his disgust. 000203
firehunden is 010225
unhinged there has to be somewhere where i could go to avoid human interaction 011102
chartreuse would be the place for me in prison.
i would misbehave on purpose to get put there.
some days i get so tired of people talking to me, prison sounds like a good idea.
i'd miss sushi, though.
blue star I want to be a druid. 020618
unhinged i like being by myself now i think. there's no one around to tell me everything i do is stupid; no one to laugh at me; no one to tell me i am lazy or a liar or untrustworthy or an asshole. things are rather uncomfortable between ur now, or rather i would have probably perceived them as uncomfortable a few months ago. i don't care that you talk to me in your 'professional' voice. i don't care to salvage the farce of a friendship that we used to have. but i must admit; you are good at maintaining an image. but the reality is so different that it still startles me sometimes. i don't understand people like you. you don't understand people like me. so lets just leave it in the 'professional' realm. i ate lunch by myself today. i was dressed all in black because of my audition (that i thought was slightly unfair and anticlimatic for all of the work i put into it recently) and i think my waitress was slightly scared of me at first. but i said please and thank you and she looked kind of shocked. i don't understand why some people treat servers like they aren't human. just because it's her job to keep my coffee cup full doesn't mean i can't thank her when she does it in a timely fashion. i walked all over youngstown today. earlier it was cold and rainy. i walked outside after my audition and it was blue and fluffy. sometimes the sky can still make me smile. i think i should become a transient musician and just wander on my own two feet from place to place. sometimes i like to be alone in my own mind on a pretty fall day past the antique city i live in. you know how they say pets can look like their owners? i think where i live is starting to look like me. 021005
makeda am i alone in here today 030610
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