dallas it's a solid, but it acts like a liquid, oh and it tends to make you high or kill you. 980901
TalviFatin or smell funky like an old lady, baby's ass, or diaper. 011107
unhinged is glazed over your eyes. you smile at me all the time now. i can't tell if it is the drugs or you know i can't smile for myself anymore. if i could find it, i would take it. 021004
distorted tendencies nuclear_white 021004
Kate You know I have a general negative affinity for plays and thespians. But I do have an affinity for you.

The play was hideously dragged out. Not one of you consistently and clearly articulated all of your lines. The excessive martini drinking got so old.

The lead had some clever lines and great facial expressions. The set looked very nice. The electrocution did shock me and the ending, though dragged out, was a surprise. You had dynamic expression.

But the best part of the play was when you had your "imagination" segment and transformed into a guy who said "baby" alot and then kissed the maid who slapped your face which made all of your gray hair powder create a very nice poofy nimbus around your head.

Thanks for the mildy amusing night, and I mean this with all due respect and genuineness.
sometimes is never good enough snow white vanilla coke
my nose never stops running
24 hours clean
unhinged fuck it man
fuck you
there are so many reasons for me to walk away
but i think the biggest one now
is that if i saw you
and back-handed snuffing
to catch the snot that is dripping
for the few molecules it might contain
it would break my heart
to the point of insanity
i remember the day
i saw your sould in your eyes
numb, lifeless, afraid
but obviously
you do not remember what brought you there
that day
in front of me
begging me to make it go away
to make you feel again
but as soon as i'm out of reach
the bill goes back up your nose
and you don't care about anything else
and this is why i was so pissed then
this is why i yelled
this is why i am walking away now
i watched it destroy one friend
and it has already destroyed us for good
but i'm not going to stick around
to watch
the sniffling
back-handed snuffing
over one tiny little rush
consuming everything
until there is nothing left of us
cause the last time i checked
there wasn't much to salvage
and now
the powder has made even that
what's it to you?
who go