marq He was the most beautiful person in the room.
Met by accident mostly.
His gorgeous body walking right by me.
I reached out, grabbed his arm, and said halfheartedly,
"Hiůso how are your events doing today?"
I was at a speech meet and couldn't think of anything better to say than that.
I'm pathetic!
I was surprised when I realized he had actually stopped to talk to me.
I raised my head and stared into his stunning baby blue eyes.
Like thorns in my stomach.
From then on I knew it was impossible.
I was falling in love with him.
I loved him from the moment I first saw him.
He wasn't like me though.
He wasn't 'gay'.
But that didn't stop me from crushing on him.
I had fallen in love with him, and he never even knew about it.
He never knew.
ClairE So much more worse than negative_attention. I need to know I exist. 020118
sirflaccid Everytime you drive the road you become a witness to something you don't even realize is taking place. Look at that house. What lies within?

Someone drunken with loneliness, or could it be a pair creating their first child? Are you witnessing the end of a newly created partnership? Did he cheat on her, or could he be sick of her addictions? Maybe you missed that bowl of popcorn while watching the "Wheel of Fortune." The child upstairs crying over what daddy has just done. The smile he can't wipe off of his face because he has finally found the love of his life.

It happens all of the time. Be it someone you know or someone you have yet to pass on the street. We all interact with the happenings. Only to be oblivious that we are part of it.
Freak you ask questions that you should know the answers too. You either lied and said things to make them sound better in a i-want-you-to-feel-better sorta way or you are just totally oblivious. 030124
once again My name is Captain_Obvious

well not actaully, as such, but I've been called it a few times.

my name is once_again.
L-mo hi im oblivious to what any one yhinks of mi!hellow im L-mo 031101
Doar hm.. 031102
Qianna Love? Why? The feeling of need and love are the same. Isn't it? Why do humans need to be loved, or think they NEED to be loved. Love yourself, because when others see love they to will desire it. That will allow them to love you back. 040425
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