Q Notice first letters, they are love letters
On every line, seriously, true
Whispers I know you're hearing them right now.

Copr. 2000
dizzy abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz...letters

Dear John~
I am preganant.
Love Jolene~
marjorie I will write him a letter!
He shall know what I mean
What I say
What I dream
Everything I scheme.
But if.
Oh no.
What if he cannot read?
What then shall I do?
How will he ever believe?
MollyGoLightly I think a good sixty percent of the love letters I've written are now stapled to walls for display. A very "Here is the left leg of an animal I almost killed" sort of thing. 000520
valis W, Y, U, I ... always liked the airy letters

always something suspicious about T, though ... never really trusted those letters with all the tonguework.
... formed to combine powerful emotions expressed with mere lines. 010121
birdmad sent and never answered 010121
Gurl A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z 010615
baby satan ~*~
(it's not a letter, but it should look something like a stick figure being ambushed by two squirrels)
baby satan okay. so maybe it looks more like two squirrels trying to kiss the sun. 010615
cabin fever sent and never sent
we send a letter and when we send it
we erase it
from our hearts

have you ever seen a letter you sent someone after you mailed it?

its like someone stabbing you

letters structured around the cut
into the page of the
pen i used
to love you
~gez~ siobhan wrote one to her mom, explaining what was going on that night. i think it went well, but personally i prefer face to face 021125
mona loves you I have been hard at work writing my secrets letters that I will never send to you. 030225
skinny noone ever reads your letters 040520
Darla good, another reason not to write them 040602
Jen MC the reason people never again see the letters they write me is because i keep them in The Book where noone can see them. Only things that I am allowed to know about go in The Book. Letters are very private, otherwise they would be shouted out to everyone. THAT's why. 041010
god i wrote you several letters.
you left me one note once.
emmi "...it would be easier to measure the intentions of the wind or the patience of the waves on the shore than the intensity of his love..." 050610
nom i have to write a letter to my old friend
i'm still surprised to've heard from him
my mom is surprised i haven't replied yet

there's so much i want to know
so much to tell him about

it's been so long
what's it to you?
who go