niska gee, when i first came here, there were words.
today, all i see are the sentences connected by underlines to mimic a single word, like we got one over on blather, or some shit.
i don't dare assume anyone is in the wrong for that. i've blathed many sentences, (this one included) but, has life become this complicated we can't express a thought in a single word anymore? or, has communication become so complex we're all worrying about the same things half the time anyway?
Questions Questions. Or could it be that people like being first on the page? Or could it be that the reload times on some words are too long? Or could it be that the original intentions for blather have been lost? Or could it be that the original intentions for blather have been found? Or could it be that there is a conspiracy to turn blather into "twisty tangly phrases of pontifical proverbry?" Or could it be that we are ultimately on a quest to blathe under every single possible word, given the allotted letters? Or could it be that I have a booger and must be going. 060127
z see: people_are_kind_of_missing_the_point 060127
epitome of incomprehensibility Okay, right on. I'll try words.
You have been warned.
spellb*tch Who needs words when you've got "scentences"? 060505
u24 the ideal language would not need sentances, because there would be one word for every possible required expression.
this not being the case, however, I see no problem with sentances.

a word is just a very short sentance, after all.
u24 huh, guess I'm not the only one who can't spell today. 060506
meta meta 060506
ivyducktwilightseto but honestly, must we be so pompous, full of ourselves, and pretty much stuck up our own asses, that we must analyze each one of everyone's actions this much? Are we nothing more than intelligent high school drama queens? And really, who expresses their thoughts in single words?
Sample conversation:
Person 1: "Hi"
Person 2: "Hi"
Ah, wouldn't you just love to speak in this manner every day?
misstree there was a short story i read once, very flowers for algernon kinda thing only there was no getting dumber... two supergeniuses meet... the author is kind enough to translate the content of the communication between them, but volumes of information and connotation and nuance are carried in a half-second's worth of sound...

there are times when short is appropriate... "suckle" and "lascivious" and "dispassionate" and other sorts of words can really hold their own... and then there are times that just reading a multi-word blathe title makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up (in an "ooh that's good" kinda way) before i even read the blathe.

when presented with an either/or situation, i prefer to answer "yes."
ivyducktwilightseto I am inclined to agree with you mistree. I guess I didn't consider that we're shaping this into such a situation. 060507
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