auburn About sometimes feeling so sad.

Because I am so fucking special. I am someone's world. And he holds me and tells me he loves me. And in every one of those moments I forget everything about the myself, and the world that makes me so afraid.

I've got it easy.
ever dumbening about everything

all the time

unhinged sadness
all just waves in the ocean
of your mind

you are the one
that makes one better than the other
but really
they just rise and pass away
like waves
your ego placing, judging, ordering
one above others

i say revel in it
any of it
but especially
the love
e_o_i An accurate reflection of my feelings too, as it happens. Due to: irresponsibility, not listening, not caring enough. I do not know why I do the things I do. There must be a song like this. 080316
unhinged (yes i often feel guilty also
for things i said
or didn't say
for not giving enough to others
when i barely have enough for myself
for bad decisions i made months ago
for not going to his show....
the list could go on and on)
FUCK YOU oh boohoo you feel guilty for treating someone like shit, oh why don't you just continue to treat them like shit then?

if i see your fucking face, i'll spit in it.
daryl hall i would just like to take a moment to commend you, "fuck you", for contributing such incomparable beauty to blather. yours truly is a poetic soul. i would raise the point that you wouldn't know what any 'skite looks like even if you were to be confronted with their presence, making it difficult for you to bring your faceless threat to fruition, but such thoughts are trivial and they wither next to your wit and elegance. this place, and the world as a whole, is enriched by having your words in it. 080317
thin cheese slice actually, i think i met "FUCK YOU" in the pizza place today, on valencia street. she said, "i'll shove a prison knife up your ass." what an honor i thought, a shiv made just for me. 080317
Lemon_Soda There is something beuatiful about unadulterated jack-assery. I personally like the strength of conviction and the sting of venom. Makes for a most palatable empathy. 080318
neesh i agree with lemon soda, i can understand that kind of anger. though personally if i were to be that angry, i'd want to be recognised as myself when i expressed it; i wouldn't want to be anonymous about it. what really gets me is when people are all-knowingly condescending, like pea soup on degree_results. 080318
asher that I'm not more upset.

maybe it has to do with growing up.
what's it to you?
who go