xipe totec less for a place than for the more idyllic moments spent there

the knowledge that though the place may again become mine

the time is long since gone
Lotusmagic I am Homesick. 020429
silentbob upon arriving at college last august... i can't recall a single time i was homesick. sure, there were things about home i missed. but i feel better off here for the most part. 020430
mousie me, i get homesick just looking through a travel brochure. 020430
unhinged guess i wasted another year
waste my time hanging out round here
piss my change down the well ran dry
save this strength up for what am i
hey mom why'd you pull the plug
you couldn't live with a slow down death
sweep these ashes beneath your rug
save your strength up for one last breath
the only one
well fuck you
we're all afraid
what would you do?
don't you know there's no way out?
no way out
no way out
no way out

frank silver, ivet
little idiot sick of home. homesick. 021112
elisabeth42 Sick away from home.
I miss feeling healthy and well.
That sense of belonging.
I could alleviate this homesickness by building new memories, but...
The pain remains. It's difficult to accept that it's all in the past now. It seemed so perfectly right, I had hoped it would be forever. Then we moved. Now I'm a transplant, and I'm not growing properly in this new place. I have yet to adapt.
^.^ This place called home
where the heart is said to belong
Really means naught to me
For how can one e're be homesick
If they ne'er had a home?
frayedvine i haven't been homesick since coming back here became insufferable 060801
misstree somehow, eating jambalaya washed me over with warm wistfulness, a place i only was for a little while.

they say that when you have sex with someone, you take a little piece of them with you. a big big piece, in this case.
no reason or something
maybe just sick
and wanting home
nom in a different way 070109
birdmad for a second, but then it passes, then i resume drifting about as free as a dust mote on a sunbeam 070109
somniac i'm homesick
and i haven't even left yet.

i miss my mum
and she is sitting just across the room.
hsg is getting old 100418
jane it's not as much for the place Home as it is for S and the doggie.

if they are with me, i don't get homesick. but S has no desire to travel and travel plans are limited by a big dog-cow.

(i don't really travel anymore.)
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