Toxic_Kisses All the guys I've ever frenchkissed sucked @ it, there was one who just didnít know how Not to drool when doing so, one who used his tongue like a fish out of water, the other one who would simply stick his tongue in my mouth and than take it out and than in again and so on, WTF iz up w/ that? You guys really need to learn how to kiss! I've read books on the subject (hell it wasnít till I was 13 when I had my first frenchkiss, I figed if I read up on it and knew of many diff ways to French kiss Id know what I waz doing and wouldnít fuck up, unfortunately the guys I've been w/ havenít read the same books and seem to think that theirs nothing wrong w/ the way they frenchkiss, I once gave one of my books az a gift to a current BF and he got all hurt and defensive and what not, gawd why do guys have to be so babyish some times! hell if my guy/girl gave me a book on new sexual positions and what not that I didnít know about Iíd eat tha thing up, I always have this nagging fear in that area that I just donít know enough, witch iz odd since I waz exposed to sex at an early age and started reading books on it when I waz 10, donít get me wrong, I'm not any sort of slut, I after all have only been w/ 2 ppl, I always figed if I waz good in bed though I wouldnít have to worry about being cheated on... Gee I got way off topic didnít I, hate when I do that! 011010
Photophobe It doesn't matter how good you are in bed. Everone will cheat on you. No matter how forfilling you are to your partner, they're always dreaming of some other guy/girl, and acting on it when given the chance.

You've read books on kissing? why? why not just wait till you're kissing and have fun with it, experiment yourself. half the fun is discovering new things. I have a fear that one day I'll stop discovering things in sex. It'll just become routine and loveless.

I think that'll be the day to become celebite for a whiel you know, born again virgin style.

And if they kiss badly, don't tell them, of course that'll hurt them. you can force them to kiss better. just don't take a passive role, and don't LET them kiss you badly.
the indulgent ascetic if they're worth kissing,
then they're worth teaching

there's always something more to be learned
distorted tendencies Is nice if the person has nice white teeth, good breath, and doesn't chain smoke. 011010
lost yes it is. 011011
psychobabe lol thats true. I personally like doing that with long ones between short ones. Then all the fun stuff inbetween ; ) 011025
unhinged i should more often
i hear i'm good at it

it must be the pisces in me
they say pisces and of course scorpio
are good kissers
what's it to you?
who go