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little wonder well_fuck.

last week i had a little pep_talk with myself. i need an apartment in march. i kept trying to find something that didn't exist--not much more than $500 a month and relatively nice. i finally accepted that i will live in a shithole and it will be fine because everyone has to go through that at least once in their life, right?

well, today i went to look at one. and it was by far the shittiest, most depressing apartment i've ever seen in my entire life. i must have had some priceless facial expressions because the property management guy immediately started talking about other places he had available.

i was so sure this was going to be the one. i thought i drove past it a few weeks ago and it wasn't so bad. i did drive past it, but i didn't realize it. i was looking at a different building.

i need a place to live. i need a place that allows cats in the most animal unfriendly town ever. i need a place to live that isn't god awfully over-priced.

at this point, it seems like it's never going to happen.
Lemon_Soda Cats, despite the owners good intentions, still manage to drag property value down. Whats most ironic is the property owners who ban them 9 times out of 10 have pets of their own. They are trying to protect their investment at the cost of not respecting other peoples desire to retain their pets. I think they shoot themselves in the foot for having this attitude. Just have "pet damage" worked into the security deposit. Noone ever turns around and rents an apartment right away, they renovate. Unless they are slum lords, and then they shouldn't be worrying about the cat.


Where are you based? I can make some calls if you like.

LittleLostRidingHood Discouraged and deflated she trailed her fingertips through the murky waters of her past. Head bowed down with tears of open lamentation weaving disconsolately down her face

she sighed

and in her breath was the whisper of so many wasted days. The murmur of so many unspoken words

she wished

that the mornings would come again instead of eternal darkness and the hateful solitude. O god the solitude broke her, fragmenting her thoughts into angry dissaray, the disallusions that lurked there in her reminiscences

she thought

of happy times when sunlight cascaded on her warm skin, laughter weaving through her words like fountains of pure delight. Intoxicating smiles that radiated the inner peace

she wants it again.
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