The Truth Black holes are like the Universe's Giant Dust Busters. They are there to regulate balance and ensure a productive creation. IF there is ever a mess to clean up, One can just say, "cleanup on m21" and activate the automatic galaxial self destruct mechanism, and viola! The black hole sucks that galaxy clean into non-existense in no time.

on Astrophysics.
ass facely "brown sugar" 010720
Gollum Sorry, never had one. 010720
florescent light I'm never giving my heart to anyone again 010721
plastic non-existense cannot be created

black holes do not exist

their state of non-existense has an effect

on particles that do exist
The Truth I agree with you, but...

Black holes do exist, they have a negative existence...but we wouldn't say negative 1 does not exist. If it was non-existant, we would associate it with zero, or nothing.

The function of the black hole is to transform matter into ___________?

1) antimatter
2) oblivion
3) steak sauce

on kayextwenty-oneisms
kx21 some other flavors

4) New Star(s)
5) New Shit(s)
6) New Hole(s)
7) New U(s)
8) Ingredient(s) for U's (e.g. Chicken, Egg, etc) evolution
9) New Bullshit(s)...
kx21 Q_As, Tell_Me_a_Joke...

The Question is as simple as
why did the chicken cross the road?
kx21 Its answer is as complex as
kx21 What is the appropriate relationship between Chicken and black hole? 010722
kx21 OOps...The_truth?

The Black Holes forming in U is as to, and possibly these holes are generated / evolved from
The Quacks making by Duck,
The Wings flapping by Buterfully,
The Talks giving by Man,
The Nags whispering by Woman,
...., etc...

Copyright 2001
kx21 It should be
The Wings flapping by Butterfly..
bethany left socks and hangers
and all those impulsive things, or meetings i should make but don't have the insentive. black_hole_stealers
reitoei there's one in my dryer. or maybe the washing machine.

the gods fall,
aphrodite anihilated in a burst of apollo's radience.
mighty zeus torn apart, by forces no mortal nor god can capture.
and finally cerebus and the shades tumbling to fire.

i come closer, right through the center. what a way to die. i approach with tremendous speed into the eye of the beast. sucked into a whirlwind of physics of quarks. no lucky charms these. gamma rays ripping through my body leaving worthless plasma. turned into a compact, space saving me ,a few cubic centimeters of energy.

all stops. this is singularity, the point that is infinetly small but unpassable. gateway to other universes. some day i will be the universe.
endless desire i keep drawing these circles
massive circles
on large pieces of paper
just around and around and around
until it makes this dark hole
this sucking swirl that describes my life so well
i can't see the end of the tunnel anymore,
so why continue?
these endless swirls. they never end.
im tird of drawing them
i feel as though i fall into some trance
where all i can see is my paper
and the rotation of the pen
around and around.
it reminds me of those circles they make
in the_ring. the movie.
i hate that movie. it frightens me so much.
the circles are so similar. . .
haha maybe im going to die in a week.
minnesota_chris Stephen Hawking proved that they give off radiation, eventually shrinking into nothing. 030606
kx21 ***
* M Theory: Mosque & Black_hole
--Tom Stoppard "Every exit is an entrance somewhere else." 071102
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