camille because...they wished for something one day.... and didn't get it 030909
Rowbes people are angry
people need to scream
people are tired
people hate

wishes he could hate
ashmanzhou i am mean for a number of reasons
though noone notices them nowadays
in the times past because i liked
the thrill i could get out of it
pushing the edge watching them get mad
now its just because i dont care
and peoples feeling dropped off of
my list of priorities altogether

which is worse?
realistic optimist who can say which is worse? worse for who? worse by what standards?

if we were talking about me, the second would be worse because it seems a progression from the first, and because to have reached that point, i would have given up on forcing people to deal with their anger and to stand up for themselves, which would have been my likely headtrip to cause me to intentially fuck with people, like in the first instance.

it must be freeing to not give a fuck, but lonely... so god damn lonely...
Christ without the cross I was gonna think of a theory to why people are mean but i think it is just an effort to categorize things. Sure thhere may be a couple of reasons and some may be outside my realm of thinking so why try to form any one theory. People are mean because they choose to be, because they like it, because it was a natural outcome of a life full of meanness, as protection, as a defense, because they hate themselves, because they don't like or can't handle there feelings, internal struggle, spiritual dilemma, or because they just don't care.

But what fun would it be to try to analyze the meanness of other people. It will be like trying to catch all the fish in the ocean. In arrogance, i can categorize and analyze and form theories but i would only be right if...omit this whole sentence.

It is a lot easier and a lot more beneficial to my personal life to figure the reasons why i get mean.

People are mean because they are ignorant
on the road i think sometimes they're
*just shy*
to come up to help.
*awkward or nervous*,

so they blurt out some deed or word.

*insecure* too maybe.

*fuzzed out*,

so they don't know why or what they're doing. lots of things.
Lemon_Soda Two types of mean.

Accidental, which is the receiving party taking something the wrong way.


Intentional, which is the afflicting party doing something they feel justified in doing.
nexus dai maybe they just want attention. it's easier this way than by being nice. you can be nice to everyone for years and not get noticed, but all you have to do is be mean once and you are in the center of everyone's attention. 061109
triplesix Accidental meanness...

I think we've all done it at some point or another. Being mean when you don't mean to be. I get that a lot. :(
neesh people are beautiful 061111
beulahry thank_you blather. 061111
Questions questions. Why are people median? 061111
what's it to you?
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