squint is 56. 020723
she Not the last time I checked. 020724
daxle nope, if he were alive I think he'd be 49. 020724
good people shits different now

"you guys want me to get us some fry and boomers" "uhh... dad.. this is weird."
phil today 020729
angie my_dad

self indulgent
incredibly stupid
the opposite of intelligent
fun sometimes...well...used to be
a pathetic waste of space that got himself into more than he could handle waytofuckinggodadthankssofuckingmuch
pobodys nerfect a very impatient man who gives me frusterated sigh when I ask him for help in doing something I've never done that HE'S done a thousand times. He sort of expects me to just magically know stuff. Still,he's usually easier to get along with than mother. I watched alot of tv with him when I was younger--the Munsters,Doogie Houser,and countless MTV "specials" that I'm pretty sure HE didn't think were very special. ;D
A couple years ago,he almost died from REALLY high blood pressure. He was passing out(among other things)and when they got his blood pressure numbers the doctor told him he should be dead. His experience gave everyone in my family a chance to see how quickly things can change and how precious life is.
birdmad would have turned 66 this August.

Sometimes i realize how much i miss the Old Man...
Jane Doe well... which one.

died- by himself

jerk- cause he was

stranger- who is he
the end sperm donor.
i hear they have magazines you can pick them from now.
stephshine tolerated a discussion about marriage and name change? i am not sure what to make of this. 070219
hsg1437 what do you mean? 070219
stephshine i get the distinct feeling he is afraid of me and what i come with.

misguided as they can be, your family wants what's best for you.
hsg1437 my dad's also afraid that the house will catch on fire on a daily basis, that people will look through his would-be garbage, that people would come bother him if his name & address were publicly listed.

he is fond of you. as is the rest of my family. since day one you've bee. petrified of their acceptance/rejection. it's time to accept being loved. by them. by me. by you. you see, i do love You. im not in_love_with_love instead of you.

i do know myself very well.


that's up to you.
pSyche just not the same as YOUR_MOM 070220
stephshines the word fond makes me uneasy. 070224
stephshine gentle-not bossy, remember? 070224
tessa I look at the girl in the photo
and I ask her
"is that your dad?
smiling, there, behind you?
happy to be in the photo?"
I can tell she loves him
I can tell he loves having a daughter
to teach and have fun with
to share the world with
that little girl is happy
proud of her father
confident of her future

I wish I was still that girl
I wish I still had her dad
what's it to you?
who go