This body, this body holding me, reminds me that i am not alone


This body, this body makes me feel,
We are eternal,
All this pain is an illusion.
mushroomman Thanks to


and Maynard

i love every single one of their releases...
Maynard Gollum Keenan celebrate this chance to be
alive and breathing
-opiate_womb- i saw tool live on the 23rd of july in melbourne..
completely euphoric experience. englightening and touching.....
a recommended experience....
Mushroomman i wish the tickets weren't sold out by the time i could buy them... i really wanted to take my girlfreind to see them. 010805
girl my boyfriend saw them in atlanta in may for the preinsemination (sp?) tour. i made me sad because the tickets sold out in 9 seconds or something because the tabernacle (where the show was) bought an ass of tickets when they went on sale to sell at the door that same day. the only reason my bf went was because a friend of his was given a ticket and she sold it to him because she didnt want to go.
bitter? you bet i am.
plan on seeing them when they come back here.
opiate_womb parabol 010811
jem parabol/parabola are my favourite tracks on Lateralus. Maynard's voice on parabol is like a sexy lullaby, and parabola just seems to have so much energy.
the lyrics remind me of being at a tool concert. just an amazing experience.
the chance to be
alive and breathing.
unhinged such are the headaches of high school homework assignments. she had to have a damn table of plotted points drawn up to her specifications even though all you had to do was put the damn equation into the graphing calculator and it spit it right back out at you...table of plotted points and all. it was a pointless excercise in copying information from machine to paper. but you would get a redo if you didn't do it the way she wanted you to. i guess in her own little old hungarian lady way she was preparing us for the real world. i used to have fun drawing the sketches for physics homework though the ball falling of the cliff....where is the apex of the parabola located; what kinds of stupid ass algebra II equations do you have to use because we just can't use goddamn derivatives that make it so much frickin easier. aaahhh...parabolas. such sweet sweet order of chaos. 010811
Mushroomman Last year on july 23rd ..... i was in a car accident that could have killed me
but, i was far from dead... i am actually quite alive. and i am grateful for that...i don't know how i was protected from serious injury or death,
i wasn't even wearing a seat belt...
freakizh a very buddist song.

i totally love it.
the end of the video fits perfectly.
nerdful beyond belief take a point and a linedirectrix - now, bend a line of points that are the same distance from the point and the line
watch it gently curve, faster and faster and faster but always continuing along (the slope gently increasing along its continuation at an even rate)

and defined by sets of points, the number three


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