unhinged tibetan buddhist saint circa 11th c.

lived on nettles
for years
stuck up in a cave in the himalayas
after his lama, marpa
told him:
'be alone
you can only find enlightenment

i agree o wise and compassionate marpa
one can only find enlightenment
most miserable human motherfuckers
just make it too damn hard
for me to feel much compassion
but once you glow
it's hard to put the light out

i'm gonna find a hole
where there isn't much oxygen
crawl up in
and start meditating

he turned some shade of green
eating nettles
u24 "i'm gonna find a hole
where there isn't much oxygen
crawl up in
and start meditating "

reminds me of
the wind up bird chronicle.
haruki murakami

when you need water, find the deepest well.
unhinged i have to get some shit up on songs_of_milarepa ; copying scriptures might do me some good.

i understand it because i lived it
i had some serious revelations this week
and yet somehow i still managed to end up
pissed and drunk
it's impossible to have compassion for most human beings
when you are caught up in their bullshit
voluntarily or not

i just wish so much violence upon him which i suppose bothers me at the heart of it because i know my heart doesn't mean that. i can't be around people like that anymore. i can't risk my emotional and spiritual health to make people like that happy anymore.

i'm gonna crawl up in my cave
high on a mountain
cured by the
thin air and solitude
unhinged loner on red 060416
jane but i am alone
among others
unhinged so was milarepa

when he was a child, his father died. his aunt and her immediate family enslaved him and his mother (possibly some siblings). they were worked to the bone. his mother begged milarepa to find a way to end their torment. he learned black magics that killed his own family. him and his mother were run out of town. that was when he went to marpa to find the path.

when milarepa died he left a big pile of shiny relics behind. his body disappeared in a flash and in the rubble they found glistening shimmer_and_rot and some hard shiny parts.
sameolme The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa.
Reading those books gave me a chance to
know more than "expedient truth".
unhinged i've read the translation i have so many times the cover is tattered; i carried it around in my purse and read it on the bus. 080401
unhinged mila

i finally had enough money in my pocket to peruse the closest used book store so i found another copy of the life of milarepa. somehow, i knew when i gave him that copy i carried around in my purse i wouldn't get it back. somehow i knew it wouldn't make a difference, but i hoped anyways
unhinged we ate nettle risotto at sutra as the entree of our five course vegan yoga meal; i was far from home. it wasn't long after milarepa day at the shambhala center.

my tongue waded through the nettles to find the mushrooms. my heart ached to take one more step into the mountains, from here i could see them but i couldn't quite feel them. the snow taunted me from so far away.

he so much resembled a ghost that he scared the bandits that tried to rob his cave. i ached for a cave like that
unhinged marpa

was the teacher of milarepa;
made mila undergo ridiculous acts of devotion until he cracked before he would teach mila anything

there is nothing worse than a willful student
what's it to you?
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