Q Every good first meeting is halway, whether it that way in distance or not. 001001
click halfway finished word blathers are better than full ones because so much more thought is giving to each person's dispertion of time. 020521
phil so in conclusion I would have to say that all aspects 050220
mon uow stairs stars stares 050220
lou_la_belle i think i'm halfway in love
with someone who's only half there
ever dumbening i'm halfway through my one year experiment of not drinking. coincidentally, last night i had another dream where i drank (my third or fourth in the six months).

being in a rather sour mood these days sure increases the desire for a nice glass of the navarro pinot i bought, or a shot of really good tequila. but that was part of the point, to notice when and why and how strongly.

on the other hand, going to lunch with patrick on friday and watching him be hungover was supportive of my efforts.
daxle After recovering from surgery for a week and not drinking, I thought to myself "what if I just kept not drinking?". And I didn't, for a few extra days. Then I had a hellish day which I won't detail, and a bottle of Lillet Rouge was taunting me. [A few weeks prior I had discovered it, only knowing of Lillet Blanc and wanted to try it.]
My partner giggled at me and said that he had won, since I drank first. "Won what?" I had forgotten that we had been competing (were we really? i don't like competition). He suggested that perhaps I had been on too much darvocet to remember the conversation.
Moral of the story: Being on opiates will make you forget to drink.
No, but really, I have examined the reasons why I drink. Usually it's a social lubricant. Sometimes it's stress (like my bourbon renaissance last spring). I try to remain conscious, but I probably abuse it too often. *Shrug*
ever dumbening 329 out of 365. a birthday with no booze passes, now there's a novel thought. rounding the bend. i'm sort of more interested in what happens next year. 071125
ever dumbening one week and fifteen minutes left in the other half. whoa. 071224
In_Bloom Unwavering friend
Our wings have carried- sheltered- soothed and cast each other aloft
Again and again
Surely we deserve our kingdom of
what's it to you?
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