typhoid i feel so pathetic when i try to think of late.
nothing interesting ever comes of it.
like all my creativity's been drained out a hole at the base of my skull.
or maybe i sacrificed it for a pain in my chest...
lycanthrope empty highway three a.m
climbing it to coax my home
from hills still unfamiliar
in the ways that don't matter,
but should.

and up ahead, two red lights,
making the minor motions,
that up close are immediate

and my speed picks up.
something of a hunter in me
emerges more outward in
than inward out,
from my senses jumped to conclusions
to my mind's revisions.

we hunt patterns we could like.
we hunt for things with intention.

i follow those lights onto roads,
and suddenly these roads
become more than ways home.

new dimensions bloom outward,
in headlights,
untill the smeared blood
of the tailights
goes dark,
as if cold.

and like a surgeon,
i've learned too late,
that i valued something
beyond what could be learned.

i can blink, but i can't close my eyes,
not really.

i can't see the lights red,
i can't pretend my prey
isn't dead. isn't me.
stork daddy ah is that all? 020903
devalis too tired to try 020904
ever dumbening corporate america
pete damn stupid fucking paper. i don't care, don't you know that? let me take a course i'm actually interested in in my 4th year instead of this drivel. *sighs* i'm fracking drained by this bs. 061221
Ouroboros well, you can always gloat over the fact that while they all are stuck in their alcohol/xmas/coporate hells forever, you are not, cause you are hipitiyhiphipster and they are not. and you can sing in your head "happy holiday motherfucker" with each interaction. 061223
pete the assignment i was working on was due and handed in yesterday. i'm now out of town for more or less a week. good gods it's good to not have to think. 061223
the awful truth that was really good lycanthrope
and i usually think everyone is full of shit
lostgirl cry_eyes 101206
. force 101206
unhinged the past month and a half has come closer and closer to exhausting my love for you

all the radiant_heart_yoga in a day can't replace it fast enough
lostgirl the empty feeling is actually comforting on some strange level...almost as if there is a glimmer of hope; that what will come next could possibly be positive. 110404
unhinged work

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