dallas come with me to the land beneath my index fingernail. 990205
adam please. please just come with me once, to there...just give me a chance. you're only half as far as i need to go. 990228
Jess come to my sweet and I will take to to land that will full fill your desires 990630
lokkust money shot 000215
Acuhymen away from her. 000225
valis c'mon, it ain't that far
you can see it there
just past my eyes
birdmad and go, closer, further away 000416
birdmad ,take your time, hurry up
choice is yours don't be late.

take a rest
as a friend
as an old memory
friar tuck as a new desire 000426
BoB with me
to the dark, unforseething world
of the unknown.
As we pass the frogs
frolicking in the misty morning light,
we come onto the portal
take us away!
somebody drink life's water free 000915
constance briefly i got a cat named tonya. i had a dream. i thought it was real. she was comin' at me, stranglin' me. makin' all these weird noises, " yyaaahhhuyyaahhuuuyahewww"! 001007
ecko Come
stare with me
at the embers of our lives
by their warmth
and you are
beautiful feather
fallen to my hand
how can I not let you go?
so our lives flow
and flow
life's threads
entwined and unbound again
birdmad down and waste away with me 001118
Meg Tastes a bit like battery acid. 001123
narc0ma the only time i feel at ease. and even then... 001130
the black plaigiarism come with me to the land beneath my index fingernail. 001130
the black plagiarism uuuhhhh. i went to school in west virginia. 001130
micro come to me and sit at my side
i'll show you the feathers falling down
and the pidgeons flying by
show me your eyes
for those are the only ones i want to see
show me
touch me
i'm for you
just come to me
and be
adam come listen to lateralus 010605
81726354 and you will see eternity
behind and forwards
p a i n
talkfunny him come'd. him did. i blow'd harder and he come'd. 010621
black-dyed gel product Come on Eileen
yeah your bruisin' my spleen

oh, wait, that's not how the song goes...
baby satan close enough. kevin rowland would be proud! 010623
constance briefly come on baby, i don't WANT you to shave your pits 020228
Reverend Lough CLOSER TO god...... 021214
KingZoog come down to the river, baby, I've got some things to show you there. 030320
god cum on feel the noiz 040928
applegirl His sex
and the joining
of hips and bones that grind together
and i picture if we had no skin
that i would like the dust
the bones made after grinding
and put it in a little vial
and i would bottle his sex
and his arching back and
full throat
full of words that can't come out
because he's coming
Fearless Leader her breath was sharp and uneaven. from time to time she would give me instructions. it wasn't in the least erotic, but i didn't mind, it was the most engrosing thing i'd ever watched. 041221
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