starjewel Why is it that when you're near
I forget how to talk?

Sure I can do small talk,
manybe tell you what class I have
next, did you know you ask me that every day?
and you have history, I know you do
but it was cute when you told me you didn't

So I can talk to you,
but I can't say what I want to.
I choke.
The words form in my head and I look at
you and they're gone;
meanwhile your talking about how
your lips have been chapped lately.
Well that's nice,
Will you go to winter ball with me?

Why do you do that?
Why do you choke me,
I can't breath when your there
as it is
and they expect me
to ask you?

Ha! I'd like to laugh,
really I would, but at the moment
I'm feeling a bit choked.
kcowrebbaJ A question you cannot ask
The answer you want the answer you fear
How long can you last
If you don't know what you will hear?

I know how you feel,
So Let's make a deal
If you ask him,
Then I'll ask her

I know what she'll say
"No" Hey that's cool I ain't gonna cry
But at least I will try
so you do the same, okay?
starjewel OK it's a deal
All right I said it
now I have to do it for real

these things are so much easier
said than done
but if you can
then I can
and she almost did
all ready
she's got us beat
and we've got as a good
a chance as she does.

So... here goes nothing!
star_jewel Well I was once,
But thanks to you I'm not anymore
I never thought it would be you,
The one that takes my breath away
But you helped me stop choking

I was crying,
But thanks to you I wasn't anymore
I never thought it would be you,
The one I was crying over
But you helped me stop crying

I couldn't talk to you once
But today, I finally asked you!
I never thought it would be you,
The one who still aks me which class I have next.
But you helped me start talking

Couldn't breathe,
I was crying.
Couldn't talk,
Thought I was dying
But you saved me.

Whish you would have said yes though
Still you didn't say no,
guess now I've gotta hold my breath.

Just plese, please don't let make me
starmouse embarrassment lingers
you say things to me that shock me
i shock myself my loving to hear them
i want to kiss you
if you're bad.
unhinged how to say 'i need you to hold me'

because i didn't need to tell you
you just knew
unhinged this cold has settled in my throat
and when i talk too much
it chokes me up
just the same
right before i cry
what's it to you?
who go