fyn gula we have all been stung by bees, if not recently, like me, just as i was eating a piave sandwich with tomatilla salsa in my pick-up...fucking ouch! attacked out of nowhere, right on the hand...hmm...connection to saumboo?

as i was saying, if not recently, we have all been stung, definately in childhood, running about in a game of kick-the-can, traipsing through the white clover blossoms under a happy blue sky with clouds and suddenly...piercing pain!

this is what saumboo felt when jamjar stung him, although he didn't, of course, see the bee, but as previously mentioned, he remained mute, stifling an outlandish outburst of expletives, such as motherfuck!,jesus, mary, and joseph!, or cheeseandcrackers!...but this situation, getting bit by a crazed, desperate bird who just had her wings pulled off and stung by a bee simultaneously was far from the everyday.

he did not want to give feignez any sense of compensatory satisfaction, yet the pain in both hands was hard to ignore and so he endured it like an iron man.

he grimaced. he swallowed hard. he wanted to squeeze the life right out of feignez. he was mad, pissed, he wanted to throw her against a tree. he took a deep breath, allowing the sharp intake of fresh air move through his body like a mother's comfort and it cleared the injury's suffering away enough for him to think of something other than destruction.

"puppertwinkle?" saumboo called out into the evening.
"si, senor?" the little dog responded. he had been right beside him the entire time.
in a mumbling of spanish, saumboo asked him to get a large glass jar from the wooden cart and punch a few holes in the lid. how could a dog do that you are wondering? well, kemulyan canines possess certain humn-like skills like being able to use swiss army knives and shit.

and so, as saumboo breathed in and out and his hands throbbed and bled over feignez's feathers, his blood mixing with her blood, he waited until puppertwinkle came back with an old bee pollen jar. that's where saumboo put feignez. he screwed the lid on tight.

puppertwinkle asked saumboo what he was planning on doing with her. saumboo did not respond. the little dog asked him again, worried that something was terribly wrong.

saumboo's face suddenly took on a look of utter terror. he had both hands out in front of himself and was wiggling his fingers back and forth.

"oh my God," he cried. "i can't feel my fucking hands.
they're completely numb!"
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