Aimee Just a question... I've been gone for a while and most of the blathes I've read are people arguing out who's the better blatherer and the loser should just bloody well leave... Are we all that angry or is the heat of summer just making us cranky? Just seems like everyone needs to calm down and have some tic tacs... or maybe some ice cream... or a sno-cone. Just a thought and a question.... 030703
x I can't answer that because I feel it is a misinterpretation.
("Why is your hair blue?"
"uh... it's not.")
IKC 56-80 Sheeit, if it's gonna be that kinda party, i'm gonn astick my dick in the mashed potatoes 030703
x i'm so juvenile

that always makes me laugh
splat It's just the cycle blather goes through. For awhile, everything is peachy keen, then for another while, there's a big uproar about
a) what blather *should* be,
b) all the crap that is invading blather,
c) all the crappers that are invading blather
d) whatever ills blather seems to have at the moment, or all the moments put together

And then, everyone kind of gets the point(s), and is happy again, for a while (long or short)

Then people forget what the point(s) was(were), and start getting mad about the same old (or different) stuff.

It's just a cycle ... I can assure you that this cycle will level out ... and I think it has already begun to level out as people are (once again) losing interest.
niska it's not even a cycle, it's all totally irrelevant.

it doesn't matter what it should be. somehow, it ends up being whatever those using it at the time need it for, be it a diary, a chat room, or a forum.

i've noticed this place shifting towards chat room, of late, but if that bothers anyone, you can find your owm answers everywhere around you. blather is nothing to anyone - least of all a piss-off.
User24 I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my part in this cycle, it's my first, so I felt I had something to say, but as splat said, everyone gets the point after a while.

I'll try not to participate in the next one.
endless desire for the record,
i am not a crapper.
and i am not going to be losing interest in blather.
i apologize to anyone who ((may)) have had their hopes up.
splat oh, i didn't mean to say that i necessarily believe in

or d),

just that those are some of the most frequent topics for argument here.

Peace to all.
User24 I understood you. 030705
endless desire and I didn't.
sorry, i've been feeling a bit. . .
oh, i don't know, on edge lately.
just a lot of complaining on blather
and then i get hasty.
three words its_funny_how_theyre_hurting_me_and_dont_know_it
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