emanon Do you let your actions speak for you? Do you fall back into the ease of talk_the_talk or do you actually live up to the words you spew? Are you truly passionate and driven? Are you the cool-headed one that can roll with the punches? What do your actions say about you? Do they make your words false? 050719
Lemon_Soda I do not live an optimal life, nor take optimal actions. I act to improve myself and I am happy with that rate of improvement. My writings are often inspired by the ideal me that is hidden and unrehearsed in the real world but slowly waking to become who I am. I share my ideal through this name, this mask, because I have not yet attained it myself.

We are creatures of change, whether we will or no. I have the pleasure of knowing wich ways I am going to change. Some prefer to give that choice to circumstance.
Doar i walk the walk every day.

some days i stalk the walk.

other days i caulk the walk.

most days i rock the sidewalk.
anne-girl ehhh... i don't even talk_the_talk
sometimes i talk_the_walk
but i don't walk_the_walk_that_i_talk
or talk_the_talk_that_i_walk

and in short, i'm a hypocrite

so the question is... if you admit to being a hypocrite, are you a still a hypocrite?

u24 no-one can know what they are in certain enough terms as to be 100% sure that what they say is a true reflection of their actual character. 050719
anne-girl but one can be fairly certain that what they say is NOT a true reflection of one's character

problem is, character is fluid... changes all the time
Lemon_Soda Hypocrisy holds no bearing when attempting to learn from another.

When they speak receive what they say, not what their doing.

When they act, witness what they do, not what they said.

Just because these two things might not match up does not compromise their validity.
.fallen walk Your walk... whatever that may be...

u24 agrees with Lemon Soda 050720
andru235 can we ever really reveal our inner truths to others? action is no more capable of this than words...

life creates compromising situations and to judge solely by the act while ignoring the persons words is as inaccurate as the reverse. one must take both into consideration, and in doing so, realize that even then one knows little about the real person hidden behind the eyes one is looking into.

these phrases become popular and fly everywhere, and suddenly everyone takes it for truth. indeed, is "walking-the-walk" merely talking the talk? most proverbs have an opposite, contradictory proverb; few people ever seem to make that connection.

"a wise man hesitates."
"he who hesistates is lost."
unhinged walking_talking_hypocrisy

maybe i walk_the_walk
maybe i talk_the_talk
but deep down
i wish that just one of them
would fight me and

.fallen heavy footfalls speak of strength, eagerness, or foolishness...perhaps the combinations blend to eternity...

gentle steps speak of grace, timidity, or perhaps even doubt and uncertainty... these combinations blend and blend as well...

the interpretations are vast... they leap up even as these words are typed...

what is this walk?
what does it say?

where does it lay?
andru235 sock_the_saulk
In_Bloom I do
I step it up
And if you decide it's too much
Sorry- move over

Time is going to slap you in the face too
Going to teach you a lesson
To stop wanking off
To get busy walking your talk

Go ahead and talk you talk as long as you can show me
You too can walk the walk
what's it to you?
who go