j_blue like those things where there is no way to discover the truth of a thing

things that are utterly_meaningless cannot ever be proved, like if i were to say your favorite masturbatorial fantasy was a transgenic bunny with eye liner, that would be utterly_meaningless
retartedkidnameddamian life 010325
unhinged 'having fun' with you...but you were up front about it. sex doesn't equate relationships with me either and my relationships last longer without it. but it was still nice to lay there with you and kiss you on the forehead. maybe it's better with friends. friends always own more of my heart. 010325
melvinwang many things in life are utterly_meaningless. like the last two months of my life 010504
eliese tanning beds.
Depression -but it feels so good to feel so bad.
You used to love me on Sundays.
But it proved to be utterly meaninless.
and now my memories of you are just that.
This coversation
This beer
This everything.
fetal musings war, hate, anger, what is it FOR? 031121
(z) (nothing) 040904
suicidalchinadoll anything I could say to you now. 040904
pete miraged and imagined
dancing through a heyday
of waving cornfields
and wheat waiting
to be harvested
Syrope well I thought it wasn't 040905
mourninglight you came at a bad time
and in spite of telling me in a thousand different ways, a thousand different times that..it wasn't..

it was

yes you're an ass...at least you can appropriately label yourself...funny...
I still .. wonder

() (meaning is a tendency, a reflexive culling of observation, a filtering of nuance and complexity that achieves nothing but the edifice of the familliar) 041025
() (meaning is a distraction, a loss of connection to observation, an insidious replacement of memory. it is a meme thing, a compression of the real into the symbolic. it is symbols_out_of_control) 041101
eclipse Funny how everything you say is... 041101
unhinged i just can't care anymore
it's only about the money
i don't want to be closer to you anymore
don't even fool yourself
after all this time
everything we had together has become
utterly meaningless
magicforest get_meaningful 041101
Pathetique Pretty much my entire existence.
Dark chasm of the soul and all...that.
neesh making kites at four in the morning. you're never going to fly them, and even if you did, that too would be an utterly_meaningless act. but you know what, i think i like to have meaninglessness to my life. 041102
Shinnokxz i want to make and fly a kite during the night and fly it in a large grass field amongst the morning twilight 061207
- - 080908
hsg acim 080908
() (?) 080908
hsg "I do not know what anything, including this, means. And so I do not know how to respond to it. And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now."

chapter_section 14_10
z meaning is a drug, used to distract ourselves from the ever-collapsing waveform that is now 100205
moo My udder means a lot to my calf. 100205
z moo: perhaps you should consider the difference between a sign and a symbol 100224
ergo Hey, nonstop mastication doesn't leave a lot of time for highfalutin semantication. 100224
moo ermoo? 100224
what's it to you?
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