blue sky with clouds how many miles must i go inside the countries of my soul until i cannot see the path of my mistakes?
what must i do to avoid repeat performances of my failures?
where do i go to find a place of forgiveness?
when will the hopeful future stop returning to the stains of the bruised and bloody past?
why do i blame others for the individualized errors of my self consumption?
blown cherry Floating around up here,
suns shooting past my ears,
swimming in the warm black holes
cooling off in the crowded vacuum.

Waving as you fly gently past,
spinning my world with your momentum.

Spacely's Sprockets haven't reached our part of the galaxy yet.
Here is quiet and peaceful.

Brilliant lights shining on me out of the infinite dark.
I can see forever.

The universe is dizzy, but I am still.
Still floating,
still waiting,
still watching.
Watching everything fit.
Everything falls
falls into place.
blown cherry future_boy

reitoei here there is no earth
no world no people
no sound no motion
here lies my mind
in silent catacombs
the living do not walk here
picking and rummaging amongst my memories
wondering what traverses through my mind
what thoughts i have of them
here lies my mind
in peace and solitude
my body so far away
a slender thread of memory
begging me to return
shall i go? or shall i snap the thread?
mon the ocean is in my soul
like a hushed song somehow fleeting

i wander through a myriad of waves

travel the slow dark shores of my youth

anticipating the return

of green fields
blown cherry heh, I got a crazy email today saying that someone wants to publish (in a book no less!) what I wrote on this page above. I reckon it's some kind of money making scheme or con, but what the hell, I just won't give them my credit card number, and now I can go around telling eveyone I'm a published author :) 020808
blather string the_letter_i_received_today 020808
blown cherry hey, I just realised it was the same book and all! 020808
neverender meet me in outer space
i will hold you close if you're afraid of heights
tourniquet in space,
the stars are no nearer
werewolf in space, up is which way our head is pointing. but it isn't a feeling. it isn't the necessarily right way. 020816
lycanthrope and there's no such thing as handstands : ( 020816
lycanthrope which by the way, are one of the things i'm actually good at. so double : ( 020816
werewolf forget you...i'm still going to be a space pirate! 020816
lobsterman the very fun of flying is that you're defying something. even if it's a memory. 020816
pSyche it's so quiet here...
calm again
and the breeze
blowing against my face
is cool like the spring
that flows ever clear
the earth is far away from here

I have left it behind
with its earthquake makers
rumbling along rocky streets
and the thick black smoke
that smothers me in my sleep
I have left it all behind me
and you cannot make me go back
what's it to you?
who go