NerdyGirl the nicest person you'll ever meet. 000208
greenjade You know, I don't mind being a nerd, not at all. I'd rather be intelligent and capable of comprehension than master fingernail painting and leg shaving anyday. 000218
SomeoneElse And I raise my hand and salute greenjade! 000420
Vincent.Valentine I might be considered a nerd,
But that is merely a word.
Take a look in my eye,
feel my pain as I cry,
Walk in my shoes, I dare you to try.
el fagtastico I have not yet mastered the art of leg shaving, I end up bleeding when I take the turns too fast.

distorted tendencies I get made fun of a lot.
At least I'm more intelligent.
distorted tendencies People snicker at me behind my back and stick things on my locker. I threw away the things on my locker and I am passing with an A. Fuck you all. 010929
big lovE writing odes of love to conquered kingdoms, a masked man roams the countryside. a knight in shining armor beneath the surface. on the outside, a mere piece of machinery. not so much as pleasing to the eye. 020227
blueberry and this nerd is failing math. I give the kid behind me letters and he gives me back stick figures and when I ask him why the faces are all blank, he says I shouldn't run away. And the teacher is angry when I ask a question, but I don't pay attention, maybe not even to the important things, like what that feeling means inside of me. 020228
jonh such a great werd 030122
randomly recent nerds suck - the geek will inherit the earth.

overanalytical devalis it gets to me how everyone always assumes nerds are smart. And I like the term dork better any day, but I'm a nerd and I'm not smart at all. I don't get made fun of either. What constitutes a nerd, really? Just someone unpopular? Cuz that's me, but I don't get made fun of for it. I might actually be better for it. But there's a lot of smarty-pants popular kids too. I think we ought to look into the true meaning of the word... 040108
ofsuch my bwoss used to call me a nerd. 040430
dosquatch I'm a geek. I lacked the consistent level of unhipness required to be a nerd. Some people mistakenly believe the two are the same - they are not.

Geeks do things.

Nerds do things on paper.

Geeks become computer techs, chemistry rats, engineers, and such. We're the people who can hotwire your fuse panel with a paperclip.

Nerds become accountants, press secretaries, and Ralph Nader.

Now you know.
minnesota_chris I thought that the difference was, the geeks are having fun. The nerd life is just all negative. 040430
dosquatch Well, sure, but then we'd have to get into the differences between qualitative and quantitative distinctions, and that's just a quagmire, don't you think? 040430
minnesota_chris everybody can appreciate the differences between qualitative and quantitative differences. It doesn't matter how much bad pizza you have, it still isn't good pizza. I'm not sure what that has to do with nerds though. 040501
kookaburra nerds are too smart for their own good
geeks have no social skills or are really weird
losers have no friends

im some kind of combination...yay me...
shivers oddsquad rules!!!
nerds, geeks, freaks, losers, loners, smelly dumb kids.... plz apply within
Marian Kulak ignignokt: your roommate is a nerd
err: yes on the moon nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with moon rocks
shake: man you guys sure talk a lot about the moon
ignignokt: yes
err: you got a problem with that?
what's it to you?
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