*_the missing link_* in general, those brits think we americans don't much like it, but i have this funny feeling i'd love it. 020117
*_the missing link_* so please give me some, for i'm about to sit down to tea and toast. 020117
prozen fizza (feetsuh) mail_me_a_bowl_of_cereal 020117
*_the missing link_* what the hell? i just want some bloody marmite. 020117
*_the missing link_* i understand why you did that, pizza dude.
i've decided to play a similar game.

prozen fizza no offense, linky, but i don't think you do understand

i was referring to a high quality blathe that is often referred to in such a situation (i.e. the blathe itself is righteous, and a well-timed dropping of its name is like a "bomb down the throat," mmmmm, bomby, "who told you to use a balm?" cuz one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah)

check out the "from" button

welcome aboard

keep on ramblin, you're all right kid, i like the jib of your cut

partchy trees vibrate like glass
Annie111 I'm not sure what came first, Vegemite or Marmite, but when you're in dire need of some good yeast extract, they're interchangeable.

As a refined connossieur, however, I would have to go with Vegemite. Marmite is slimier.
*_the missing link_* welcome aboard?
funny. i've been a part of this place for several months. my blathes don't show that because i've haven't been blathing under this name that long.

and as for me not 'understanding' the point you were trying to make: whatever. everything is up to interpretation, and i won't be talked to as if i'm a fucking child.
i feel like i should apologize for my mind working in ways that differ from yours, but that's downright absurd. i'm not sorry. i just wish you wouldn't have dropped that bloody weight on my back, because now i can't stand up straight.
unhinged it's just word_association kiddos
everyone truly is hostile around here these days
j_blue my brit friend had to leave when he got laid off last year

he let us have his marmite

we never opened the jar

i think its in our pantry
prozen fizza link

my interpretation of your interpretation (see what i mean?)...

ad infinitum/nauseam A-men

my intention was not to get your chonies in a bunch

my apologies

and, um, i like the yeast at the bottom of home brew, so, uh, yeah mar-might be good
*_the missing link_* forgiven 020118
prozen fizza cheers

lets eat some yeasty goo and party

cook me im yours

vegetables only for you m-link :)
*_the missing link_* !!!!!!! 020119
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